Kansas Food Bank - Hunger Study Volunteer Application Form
Feeding America and its network of member food banks, including the Kansas Food Bank, are seeking volunteers to facilitate a nationwide study of hunger. Volunteers will engage with individuals receiving food assistance, contribute to invaluable research on national hunger, and help to effect positive change in their communities.

Please fill out the form below completely if you are interested in participating in the data collection portion of the Hunger In America 2014 Client Survey. Once you complete the form, click the submit button at the bottom.

Please note that volunteers must be 18 years or older and *NOT* currently completing a *court-ordered* community service requirement to participate.
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Please indicate the days and times you are usually available to volunteer.

NOTE: The minimum time commitment, per day spent volunteering, is approximately two hours. There may be sites that require a full day due to travel. The Hunger In America surveys will be scheduled based on the days and times of agency distributions from April through August 2013. This schedule will be released in early April.
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Dates Available
In the field below, please let us know the range of dates you will be available to assist with client surveys as well as the number of sites you are willing to visit per week / per month.
Travel Restrictions
How far are you willing to travel, with a Kansas Food Bank staff member, to complete site visits?

Training is mandatory for all volunteers assisting with the Hunger Study. All trainings will take place at the Kansas Food Bank unless otherwise noted.

Please indicate which training you will be attending. If none of these dates or times work for you, please contact Denise Gunkel, Hunger Study Coordinator, by phone 316-265-FOOD.
Liability and Photo Release
By submitting this application, I agree that I will not hold the Kansas Food Bank or its employees, interns, officers, representatives, board of directors, or any fellow volunteers liable for accidents, injuries, or death to myself that may result from any volunteer activities by, arranged by, or participated in by the Food Bank. Neither will I nor any person for whom I am lawful guardian, hold liable the persons who operate the Food Bank equipment during volunteer activities for accidents, injury, or death that may result from Food Bank activities.

By submitting this application, I consent to be photographed or videotaped and agree to allow the Kansas Food Bank to use any photo or video to be used for future promotional purposes. I understand that I will receive no remuneration in the event that any photographs, images, actions, or voice are used in Food Bank brochures, advertisements, or visual presentations. Further, I understand the context in which my photo or video may appear in this promotion/publication, and also consent for all purposes of reproduction or use of this photo or video by the Food Bank in all manners. I further understand that the material may not be used at all. Finally, I release the designer(s), photographer(s), their nominees and designees of any personal and proprietary rights that I may have with, or in, the distribution or use of this photo reproduction.
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