J411 Student Info Fall 2019
Tell me more about your style, so I can group people effectively. Responses visible only to Katy.
Last name
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First name
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Career interests
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If you had to pick, which of these would you say best describes your class discussion style?
On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being completely uncomfortable and 5 being completely comfortable, how comfortable are you coming to see your professor if you are dissatisfied with a course or find the subject matter difficult or concerning?
Completely uncomfortable
Completely comfortable
Please rate your understanding of the following concepts on a scale from 1 (know nothing) to 5 (know everything). Please be honest. You are not expected to have command of these topics coming into the course.
1 (know nothing)
2 (know a little)
3 (know some)
4 (know a lot)
5 (know everything)
Mac OS
Data visualization
Design theory
Design principles
Page layout
Branding and identity
Website building
List 3 traits that positively describe your personality (e.g., I would be: enthusiastic, caring, supportive)
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List 3 traits in others that you often have trouble adjusting to or working with (e.g., I struggle with: arrogant, selfish, perfectionistic)
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Do you have any special needs or concerns I should know about?
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Is there anything in particular you'd like to see me do to help you succeed in this class?
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Tell me one funny or meaningful thing about you
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