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This form is to be completed by a teacher, principal, or minister.
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How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?
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Please evaluate the applicant in the following areas:
Demonstrates problem solving skills
Demonstrates intellectual curiosity
Enjoys academic tasks
Is not easily discouraged
Expresses enthusiasm about challenges
Works well with others
Expresses emotions appropriately
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How applicant will participate *
Students who will benefit most from this Academy are those with a strong curiosity and willingness to learn from and work with others. Please tell us if you think this applicant will participate fully for the week, stay interested, and contribute to group activities. (Continue on back of form).
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These students will be residing at The University of Tulsa for 1 week. Do you see any reasons why this student would not be a suitable candidate for this program? This recommendation goes directly to me and no one else will see it at any time.
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