Wisconsin Bike Week 2022 Event/Commuter Station Registration June 4-11
We're looking forward to another great Wisconsin Bike Week in 2022!

This registration is for individuals/group(s) that wish to:

-Host a commuter station
-Submit a community bicycle ride you are hosting
-Submit another bicycle-related event you are hosting
-Enlist the support of the Bike Fed to promote and encourage more cycling to work
through our Biz Membership program https://wisconsinbikefed.org/support-us/membership/businesses/

If you're co-hosting an event or Commuter Station ONLY ONE registration and main contact are necessary.

If you wish to list other partners who are co-hosting your event, you may list them at the bottom of the form.


***for those living in the Milwaukee area and wish to have your events published in print form, please enter your events by no later than APRIL 22nd***

For details please contact: Caressa Givens  caressa@wisconsinbikefed.org 
Subject: WI BIKE WEEK 2022
 or CALL/TEXT (414) 378-2063

A note on mindfulness

The Wisconsin Bike Fed is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, age, race, or religion. We ask that all hosts and participants make these same commitments.
Thank You!

-Team Bike Fed
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Email *
Phone # *
LAST Name *
FIRST Name *
Are you hosting a bicycle related event (i.e. a ride, workshop, presentation etc.)or a commuter station? *
If you wish to launch your Bike Friendly Biz membership you may skip questions related to events and we will contact you directly to set up a time to discuss options for participation!
Who's involved?
What is the name of your organization or business? If you're co-hosting please list all groups involved. If you're acting alone please indicate that you are organizing independently
List the title of your ride or bicycle related event or  Commuter Station Example: MKE Sunday Night Rides OR  Milverine and Giannis' Party-Town Commuter Station
List the the meet up location of your ride, event, commuter station (if it's on a trail please be as descriptive as possible)
Date(S) *
IF you're hosting a commuter station for Wisconsin Bike Week 06/04-06/011  Please list the dates you plan to host your event and or commuter station (FORMAT yy/xx/zz- yy/xx/zz.  yy/xx/zz, yy/xx/zz))
Please list the duration of your event  (recommended commuter stations durations usually last around 3hrs *suggested times 7-10am Noon-3pm or 4pm+)
What will you be up to?
In order to put together a stellar schedule and make sure all events are respectful and inclusive provide a short paragraph describing your event and or commuter station.

Please describe the event and or commuter station that you will host
For your event/station will you need volunteers?
Bike Fed would like to help you source at least one volunteer for your event/station if needed (it could be more depending on how many registrations we get)
Comments, Questions Concerns? (CQC)
If you wish to share any other contacts and or details of an event/station you are co-hosting please list below.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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