Imagine AsiaTown: What's Your Story? Family, Friend & Neighbor Interview Guide
As part of IMAGINE ASIATOWN (AsiaTown’s Strategic Vision process), we are collecting your stories! By understanding motivations, values, and experiences of community members, we can craft a collective vision to shape the future.

Use this guide to contribute your stories – answer them on your own or with a friend (or ten!). The questions will guide you to share stories about when you have seen things working at their best, both in AsiaTown and any other place you’ve known. Many times we try to ask about things that aren’t working well (the problems) so that we can fix them. In this case, we try to find out about the things that are working (the successes) so that we can do more of it. During this conversation, reflect and share details about the things you’ve experienced, heard of, or imagined -- either in AsiaTown or in other places -- that really work well.

To get the most out of this activity, please ask a family member, friend or neighbor to have this special conversation with you face-to-face, either in-person (while social distancing) or over a video call. Together you will share and hear what matters most to each of you.

If you prefer, you also have the option to interview yourself without a partner, using the questions in this What's Your Story? Interview Guide.

Let’s get started!

For a printable version of this interview guide, visit

[中文] 浏览网址: 以获得更多参与和贡献您想法的方式!
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