Virtual Advocacy Day 2020
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Which of the following are NOT true about social work advocacy? *
Advocacy became a part of the social work practice later on, as the profession evolved. *
NASW advocates on behalf of the social work profession because... *
All bills can be passed with a simple majority vote. *
If the Governor vetoes a bill, it can still be enacted if 3/5ths of both the senate and the House of Representatives vote to overrule the veto. *
Which of the following are included in Power of the People? *
The bill analysis is a plain language document that can assist you in understanding a piece of legislation quickly. *
When reading proposed legislation the underlining in some sections indicates: *
The budget is a bill. *
The state's budget impacts client's served, programs, and the social workers profession as a whole. *
Ohio Senators are the only lawmakers involved in the budget process. *
Which of the following is NOT a tool or method for assessment in advocacy practice? *
When writing a letter or an email to your legislator, you should make it as long and complicated as possible. *
Which of the following statements IS good advice when writing a letter to the editor? *
Ohio's current laws regarding behavioral health parity.. *
Conversion "therapy" is currently prohibited though state law. *
LGBTQIA folks face employment and housing discrimination without legal recourse in Ohio. *
HB 513, a bill that prohibits affirming care with LGBTQIA minors is likely to pass. *
Under Governor DeWine's current stay home order, social workers are essential workforce. *
House Bill 580 mandates coverage of telehealth during public health emergencies. *
Social workers can work in politics ethically? *
The advocacy day presentation focused on what branch of state government? *
Only legislators can provide testimony on a bill. *
Effective advocacy requires planning. *
Social media is never an effective advocacy tool. *
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