Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project Board Member Application 2019
The Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (NSRAP) seeks equity, justice and human rights for 2STQIABLG+ people in Nova Scotia. NSRAP seeks to create change in our communities and our society at large so that all 2STQIABLG+ people are included, valued, and celebrated. We will achieve this through building community and developing strong networks outside of community in addition to public outreach, education, and political action. Members will be nominated to the board at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, May 26th at Dalhousie Legal Aid Services (2209 Gottingen Street).

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Specific Needs
Enthusiasm and time: All interested community members are encouraged to apply. Enthusiasm for NSRAP’s mission and willingness to dedicate your time to the work are the most important factors for consideration.

Regional Representation: Existing board members reside mainly in Halifax and Dartmouth. NSRAP aims to work all across Nova Scotia and we want our board to reflect that. We encourage those from outside Halifax to apply. Board members can attend meetings via phone and or video conferencing.

Needed Skills: The Board has also identified a number of areas where it would be valuable to have certain skill sets, experience, and expertise in new directors. Any of these skills and or experience would be a welcome contribution from prospective directors.

- Enthusiasm, passion and willingness to learn
- Membership development
- Campaign and outreach experience
- Fundraising
- Accounting/Finance
- Communications/public Relations
- Legal expertise
- A background in anti-oppressive work and/or education
- Administrative experience
Do any of the above categories of skills/expertise apply to you? *
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Requirements and Responsibilities
- Available for monthly Board meetings.
- Participate in at least one Board committee (additional monthly meetings or more frequent meetings as needed).
- Previous experience sitting on a Board is valuable but not necessary.
- Directors participate in the governance of NSRAP – provide insight, foresight and oversight to NSRAP activities.
- All directors are expected to assist fundraising and membership drives for the organization.
If you become an NSRAP Board member, are you able to commit to the above requirements and responsibilities? *
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