Community Webs: Network Cultivation and Sustainability Questionnaire
All responses to this questionnaire will be reviewed and used to inform the cultivation of the Community Webs Network and sustainability of the Community Webs program.

This questionnaire should take approximately 15min to complete.
Thank you all so much for your investment of time in making the Community Webs program as impactful as it can be for its members and beyond!
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What aspects of web archiving and the Community Webs program specifically are most important to you?
What is the relationship of web archiving to other work that you are responsible for within the library? Where and how does web archiving or community digital history show up in your daily practice at the library?
What are your personal stakes in the success of the Community Webs program? What does your organization have to gain if the Community Webs program keeps growing? What does it have to lose if the Community Webs program does not advance past the grant-funded phase?
What will enable your organization to dedicate time, energy, and other resources to supporting this work past the grant funded period?
What do you see as the most exciting possibilities for a national cohort of public libraries collectively and individually engaged in web archiving?
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