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This form is run by volunteers from Recovery Dharma Online (RDO):

Please note that this form only pertains to RDO meetings, i.e. the ones shown in the schedule on our website linked above. We do not manage all RD meetings that are online, and this form shouldn't be used to discuss meetings or community members unless they are part of RDO itself.
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How to use this form
This form can be used to report harassment by someone in the RDO community, or to lodge a complaint or express a concern about a meeting, a participant or facilitator, or the organization itself.

Submissions will be received by the volunteers of the Sangha Support Circle (SSC) for review, and will be officially addressed as soon as possible with the procedure appropriate to the content of the issue.

Learn more about RDO and our procedures:
RDO Anti-Harassment Policy:
Roles in RDO (Including current SSC members and their roles)
Other ways to contact RDO
If you just want to ask a question and don't need an official response from the leadership team of RDO, you can just email us at or use the contact form on our website:
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Please use your real name and contact info so that we can get back to you to ask follow up questions or inform you about the results of your report. This is especially important if your report is about harassment. Thank you for your trust and understanding.
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