Kid Talk & Teacher Talk in Elementary Science (KT3) Application Form
Join STEMteachersNYC, for a 2­-week project on active learning in elementary science in New York City from July 24 ­ August 4, 2017.

Over the next two years, this program, funded by 100Kin10, aims to engage 52 grade K-­3 teachers in pursuit of excellence in teaching science in their classrooms. KT3 targets K-­3 teachers teaching in schools throughout the New York Metropolitan Area, with an emphasis on New York City schools. Recruitment will focus on teachers from public district, public charter, parochial, and independent schools to foster a network of teachers and schools with commitments to excellence in teaching science.

We are seeking teachers of grades K-­3 from the New York Metropolitan Area who have the following characteristics:

• Currently employed teaching in grades K­-3 and with the expectation of similar employment in the 2017-­18 school year. Experience teaching in grades K­-3 strongly preferred.
• Commitment to teaching that fosters students' capacity to think for themselves and to work collaboratively.
• Some experience and success with nurturing students' capacity to make their thinking visible through individual expressions and public exchanges with their peers
• Interest in teaching science as a process of observing, experimenting, analyzing, interpreting, modeling, communicating, and evaluating (No particular level of expertise or experience in science teaching is required.)
• Willingness to do hands-­on experiments with everyday materials, including getting his or her hands dirty, and comfort with encouraging children to do the same.
• Evidence of innovation in some respect, such as in instructional approach, curriculum development, and/or educational technology.
• Desire to implement science pedagogy with interdisciplinary coherence.
• Willingness to participate in and contribute to action research that includes completing quantitative surveys, qualitative interviews, and observations of science instruction in professional place of practice.
• Member of a school-based team of 2 or more K-­3 teachers willing to participate fully in the project (preference will be given to applicants from the same school).

Expectations include the following:
• 2­-week summer workshop in NY City: July 24th through August 4th, 2017 (M-F)
• Participation in monthly seminars online (September 2017 ­- June 2018)
• Engagement in data collection requirements and surveys for evaluative purposes throughout the lifetime of the project (this will include surveys, interviews, and observations of implementation during the school year).
Workshop participants who successfully complete the above activities will receive:
• $1,300 stipend for the summer 2-­week workshop
• $ 300 stipend for academic year involvement

For further information regarding this opportunity, please reach out to Fernand Brunschwig, President of STEMteachersNYC by emailing

Application (Deadline for applications is Friday, March 17th, 2017)
Personal Information and Professional Teaching Experience
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Address of school where you teach (N/A if pre-service or not currently teaching).
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Is your school located in New York City?
Is your school a "high-needs" school? (This is typically determined based upon one or more of the following factors: (1) high percentage of student families living in poverty, (2) high percentage of secondary teachers not teaching in their content area of expertise, (3) high teacher turnover rate.) Please state YES or NO, and include additional information describing the challenges faced by your school, if applicable.
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What grade level(s) do you currently teach (you may select more than 1 choice)?
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Have you ever attended a workshop organized by STEMteachersNYC?
How much classtime per week do you currently have for science instruction?
I have received sufficient professional development training that has allowed me to align my teaching to the Next Generation Science Standards.
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I have received sufficient science content coursework/professional development that covers the curriculum at the grade level(s) that I teach
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I have received sufficient training in how to teach scientific practices (e.g., conducting investigations, constructing explanations) to my students.
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I have received sufficient training in how to effectively assess student achievement of the science learning targets that are assigned to my grade level.
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I can effectively deliver science instruction that is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards to all my students.
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I can implement science pedagogy that is of equal or greater quality to the pedagogy I implement in other content areas.
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Rank the science disciplines from most comfortable (1) to least comfortable (4) with respect to your personal confidence teaching.
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Least Comfortable (4)
Life Science
Physical Science
Earth and Space Science
Engineering Design
Are you applying as part of a team of two or more teachers from your school?
If you answered Yes or Maybe to the previous question, please provide the name(s) of the other(s) applicant(s). If you are not applying as part of a team, please enter "N/A" and continue to the next question. (Teachers applying as part of a team will receive preference in the selection process.)
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Describe the general attitude toward and amount of support for teaching science at your school. You may wish to be specific about the attitudes of administrators, teacher-colleagues, parents, and students.
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Please feel free to add any other information about you that you believe might be relevant to the selection committee.
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Are you able to attend both weeks of the KT3 workshop scheduled to be held July 24th-July 28th (week 1) and July 31st-August 4th (week 2) in NYC (Manhattan).
Additional references
Please feel free to submit additional recommendations from administrators, supervisors, or colleagues that demonstrate support for your participation in the program. While no formal recommendation is required, we understand the value of a supportive context and wish to bring stakeholders from your school into the process as much as possible. Our goal is to make the KT3 program successful and your time and commitment to the work as professionally valuable and transformative as possible. Please have the author(s) of the letter(s) send their letter(s)of support to the KT3 Selection Committee via email at with “KT3 Reference” and your last name in the Subject Line. Thank you.
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