Parent Perception Survey
The following is a digital format of the Educator Climate Survey created by the Arkansas Department of Education. Please, respond to each item truthfully. The scale is below:

1=Strongly Disagree 2=Disagree 3=Agree 4=Strongly Agree

1. I feel comfortable raising issues and concerns that are important to me. *
2. There is an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect within this school. *
3. Teachers and administrators at this school set high standards for all students. *
4. I look forward to coming to the school. *
5. The vision for our school incorporates a culture conducive to teaching and learning. *
6. The school creates a caring and supportive environment. *
7. Adults in this school are good examples of the values the school teaches: respect, responsibility and fairness. *
8. I am given the opportunity to provide input on school matters or decisions that affect student achievement. *
9. I feel safe and comfortable with the staff and students in this school. *
10. Students' behavior does not hinder student learning. *
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