Show your Peace Corps pride in the Grand Floral Parade!! CRPCA is marching for a sixth time in the Portland Rose Festival’s Grand Floral Parade. ALL RPCVs IN THE PORTLAND AREA for the event are invited to march with us, smiling and waving at an appreciative public while carrying the flag of a Peace Corps country–perhaps yours! REGISTRATION IN THE CRCPA IS NOT REQUIRED TO MARCH!!

WHEN: Saturday, June 9th, 10AM to 2PM; start and estimated end times will be announced this week. The parade goes forward in any weather, and marchers should be prepared to walk four miles. Note: If you are wheelchair-bound and wish to participate, a volunteer assistant (pusher) would be required for the duration of the event.

MEETING LOCATION: Garden Garage (map will be emailed out when location confirmed).



ATTIRE: Marchers will have the choice of wearing host country attire OR CRPCA’s parade t-shirt with khaki pants. Our t-shirts were designed by James Cloutier in 2012 for maximum visual impact during the parade. We’re selling our limited remaining supply for $5.00 each. Order your size (adult M, L, or XL) on our Checkout page (www.crpca.org). The t-shirts will be delivered at select CRPCA events this spring, and they’ll also be available on parade morning.

FORM INSTRUCTIONS: PLEASE SELECT THREE (3) D I F F E R E N T COUNTRIES... Questions? Please contact Gordon Young, parade AT crpca.org or 503-631-2876.

NOTES: Flags are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis! If your country is not listed below, it has already been assigned. Get yours by filling out this form. All entries must be made in the form or it will not save your information. Once completed, you should see a confirmation pop-up.

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