SOGS Running Club Survey
We're forming a SOGS Running Club and in order to best serve the graduate student body we need to know what type of running you'd be interested in!

Running socially distanced and with a mask will be necessary for the time being, and you may not be interested in joining with such extra complications. However, we would still like to hear from you if you'd be interested in joining post-COVID.
What type of running sessions would you consider attending? (Please select all that apply.)
What time of day do you prefer running? (Please select all that apply.)
What distances would you like to attend? (Please select all that apply.)
How long would you prefer one session be? (Please select all that apply)
How many times a week would you consider attending sessions?
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Do you have any running goals?
What would motivate you to join the running club?
Are you willing to run with a mask?
Running with a mask will be necessary for the time being. Of course, that increases difficulty and we will have to slow down or walk accordingly.
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