CMS Chorus Commitment Agreement
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 The CMS Choir program recognizes that being enrolled in a performing ensemble requires events outside of the school day. These events are curricular and weighted as an assessment (80% of a student’s grade). An additional reflection assignment is completed after the event, which is weighted as a separate assessment grade.
 Concert Dates
 December 5th (All Choirs)
 6pm Call Time
 7pm Performance
 Mountain Pointe High School
 May 12th – POPS Concert at MPHS (Advanced Chorus Only)
 6pm call time
 7pm performance
 May 14th (All Choirs)
 6pm Call Time
 7pm Performance
 Mountain Pointe High School
 Choir concerts are graded events, and as such, a concert takes first priority over extra-curricular activities. A non-school activity is not a valid excuse for missing a choral program event. Students are expected to stay until the end of all choir concerts. Please notify your other coaches and teachers (dance, piano, voice, team sports, etc.) of your choir schedule. If there is a conflict with another school activity, the choir director will work to solve the issue with the other teacher/coach.
 Any conflict must be submitted to the director by a written notice from a parent, with a phone number and email address, as soon as a conflict is evident, as soon as possible but no later than 2 weeks’ notice prior to the event.
 Students with excused absences will be allowed to make up points at a later date. Students who receive unexcused absences may make up points for up to 50% credit and may not receive full credit for the concert. Students who missed the concert with an unexcused absence will still be required to complete the post-concert evaluation for full credit.
 CONCERT GRADING (40pt, 80% weighted as an assessment)
 Attendance
 On-time arrival
 Audience Participation
 Respectful audience member for other ensembles
 Performance Participation
 Respectful participation in the performance
 Correct Uniform
 Polo shirt (purchased through CMS Chorus, tucked in), long jeans/black pants/khakis, close-toed shoes
 No ripped/distressed bottoms, no jeggings/legging
 Shoes must be a neutral color (black, gray, brown, tan, white, etc)
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I have read, understand, and agree to the above guidelines set forth by the CMS choir program.
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