eatART Project Application Form
eatART has a new space and new opportunities to facilitate the creation of your art.

Over the years eatART has become known for the large-scale sculptures it’s members have built, maintained and exhibited. It has been our goal to use the exhibition of these projects as a means of educating the public about energy. Beyond the exhibitions, eatART has worked to foster a community of like-minded artists, designers, engineers and fabricators by throwing exciting events and integrating students into the project teams.

After 10+ years in operation, we see eatART's return to GNWC as an opportunity to expand our vision. We seek to increase the organization's impact by recruiting, training and promoting the next generation of eatART leaders. That being said, our core tenets remain: art, energy and education. eatART intends to realize the intersection of these concepts in whatever form they may be. Therefore, we’re presenting this invitation for new art projects to apply for space at the new eatART Lab with the goal of adding new members, helping to further enable a thriving artist community. Through this we plan to recruit the most exciting and talented large-impact artists in the Pacific Northwest. As such, this is an open application not limited to the large-scale projects built by previous eatART artists. If you have a project you’re developing and it fits in some way with our three core tenets, please continue reading and fill in the application below.

Key Aspects

A critical component that can take on many forms such as:
- Educating children and teenagers about STEM
- Educating and inspiring underprivileged youth
- Undergrad and Masters degree interns + skill training
- Workshops and events for students
- Public interactions generating discussions about art, technology and energy.

The impact of the project should be large in scale and experience.
Large Impact art makes the world more exciting. It’s easier to solve hard problems when the future is more exciting.
Community is crucially important to helping solve local and global problems.
Innovation and technology enables new kinds of art that have never been created or seen before.
Art made at eatART should inspire youth to feel like they can do and achieve anything.

A space to build your art.
Access to the eatART network of experienced fabricators, engineers and technologists.
Access to some tools, on a case-by-case basis.
Ability to apply for funding with the backing of eatART.

Length of access to the eatART space can be as short as one month or as long as one year. Finding projects and people who are sufficiently dedicated and who work well with others can be a challenge. As such, we typically start small and offer longer term arrangements for artists who have shown concern for the well being of the eatART Laboratory and the eatART organization.

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