End-of-Course Evaluation: APUSH
In this class, the teacher... *
1= strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=agree, 4=strongly agree
clearly explains the objectives, requirements, and grading system of the course.
sets high standards and expectations for everyone
uses class time effectively
knows the subject matter
is approachable and willing to help me
keeps me informed of my progress
has the respect of students
enforces rules fairly and consistently
grades papers in a timely manner
is organized
In this class, *
1=strongly disagree, 2=disagree, 3=agree, 4=strongly agree
lessons are clear and understandable
I wish we played more games
the assignments prepared me for the tests
I feel comfortable asking questions
if I wanted to improve my grade, I know what I would need to do
We wrote enough FRQs in this class
We wrote enough DBQs in this class
We did enough multiple choice practice in this class
I felt prepared to earn a 3 or higher on the APUSH test
the unit guides were helpful
Select the phrase that best completes the sentence.
Assignments are *
The work in this class is *
There are _____ reading quizzes in this class. *
Online grades *
As a result of APUSH, my writing *
Which assignments were most helpful to learn US History? *
Check all applicable assignments.
Answer the following questions. Please be as specific as possible.
The most helpful thing Ms. Duprey does in class is *
Your answer
Ms. Duprey should stop OR start doing ____ immediately. *
Your answer
Things I would change about this class: *
Your answer
The best thing about this class is *
Your answer
The worst thing about this class is *
Your answer
What advice would you give to students in this class next year? *
Your answer
How often did you read the assigned readings on time? *
Did you prefer reading the original textbook (American Pageant) or the photocopied textbook (America's History)? *
In the space below, please list the most helpful resources you found that we didn't use in class *
For example, Quizlet flashcards
Your answer
Would it be helpful to have guided reading questions for reading assignments? *
Is it helpful to have a notecard for reading quizzes? *
I _________ recommend this class to other students. *
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