Questionnaire on the experience of European Union companies with public procurement in Switzerland
This questionnaire is intended for companies from a European Union country that have taken part or tried to take part in a Swiss public procurement tender. The data collected will be used solely for the purpose of understanding the situation regarding access to the Swiss public procurement market for the European Union and its Member States. The data collected will be treated anonymously and will not be passed on to third parties. Companies wishing to be contacted to provide further information or data may provide contact details at the end of the questionnaire.
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1. In which sector does your company operate in?
2. In which EU Member State is the registered office of your company located?
3. What is the size of your company?
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4. Have you ever answered or considered to answer a public call for tenders in Switzerland?

If your answer is no, we invite you to jump straight to Question 23.

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5. How many public calls for tenders in Switzerland have you answered or considered to answer?

6. Which administrative level was responsible for the public procurement?

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7. When was the most recent tender that you participated in?

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8. What was the subject of the tender?

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9. How did you find the information on the tender?

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10. What was the total contract value of the published tender? (in EUR)

11. Where did you submit your bid from?  

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12. What was the outcome(s) of your application(s)?

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13. In case of rejection, what was your reaction? (You may skip this question if the tender was awarded to your company)

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14. Were you confronted with one/several of the following aspects during the bidding process?

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15. If applicable, did you get exempt from the 90-days rule related to the Swiss flanking measures (for the provision of services)?

(details from this rule can be found here)

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16. How would you describe your overall experience with the Swiss authorities?

17. How do you rate the transparency of the Swiss procedures?

18. In particular, how would you rate the transparency relating to the general information of the tender?

19. In particular, how would you rate the transparency on the criteria to allot the tender ?

20. In particular, how would you rate the transparency on the allotment decision?

21. How would you rate the contact with the local authorities?

22. How would you rate the extent of guidance received?

23. In case you responded negatively to question 2 and have never answered or considered to answer a public call for tenders in Switzerland, why have you never done so?

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24. How much experience does your company have in other national, international or EU tenders? (in tenders answered per year)

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25. How would you rate your experience with Swiss public tenders in comparison to those of other countries?

26. If you have any further comments, we invite you to express them below. Should you wish to include supporting documents, we invite you to send them by email to

Would you be willing to provide details of a contact person for a potential follow up by the European Commission regarding the conditions under which Swiss public contracts are awarded?

If so, please insert their name, telephone number, email address and title/position below.

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