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A series of three K-State Sorghum Production Schools will be offered in early-February of 2019 to provide in-depth training targeted for sorghum producers and key-stakeholders.
8.30 AM Registration, coffee

9:00 AM Program Begins

12:00 PM Lunch - Sponsored by Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission

1.30 PM Adjourn

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Topics (Depending on Location):
Sorghum for Risk Management
Planting Management
Nutrient and Soil Fertility Management
Insect Management
Disease Management
Weed Control Strategies
Presenters (Depending on Location):
Ignacio Ciampitti, Crop Production/Cropping Systems
Dorivar Ruiz-Diaz, Soil Fertility Specialist
Doug Jardine, Extension Pathologist
Lucas Haag, NW Area Agronomist
Sarah Zuckof, Extension Entomologist, SW Ctr., Garden City
Dan O'Brien, Ag Economist, Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Colby
Mr. Marshall Hay, Weed management Specialist
Stewart Duncan, NE Area Agronomist
For more information regarding this form or the Sorghum Schools, please send an email to Dr. Ciampitti ( or Mrs. Katharine Gehl (
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