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A series of three K-State Sorghum Production Schools will be offered in late-January of 2020 to provide in-depth training targeted for sorghum producers and key-stakeholders.
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Lunch/Dinner - Sponsored by Kansas Grain Sorghum Commission

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Topics (Depending on Location):
Sorghum for Risk Management
Planting Management
Nutrient and Soil Fertility Management
Insect Management
Weed Control Strategies
Farm Bill Programs
Seed Technology Development
Production Marketing
Presenters (Depending on Location):
Ignacio Ciampitti, Crop Production/Cropping Systems
Dorivar Ruiz-Diaz, Soil Fertility Specialist
Sarah Zuckof, Extension Entomologist, SW Ctr., Garden City
Sarah Lancaster, Weed management Specialist
David Schemm, USDA Kansas Farm Service Agency State Executive Director
Dr. Zach Eder, Technology & Development, Advanta Seeds
Craig Poyser & Dennis Macfee, Broker/Cash Advisors, AgWest Commodities
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