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Pay What You Can (PWYC)
We operate on a tiered Pay What You Can (PWYC) model.

You can apply for an account with ODK@LSHTM and you will not have to pay for it if you are unable to do so.
We encourage all grant funded researchers to make a contribution to our costs.
Payments can be made retroactively when grant income is pending and all users are encouraged to include a line for ODK use on grant applications.

We recommend the following minimum payments

MSc projects : £0 (maximum six month period)
PhD projects (self funded) : £0
PhD projects (grant funded) : £250 / year
Any other grant funded research : £500 / year

The ODK project is not for profit and all money that you contribute will be used to keep the system going.
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Non LSHTM applicants
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We request that you acknowledge our support in research papers and reports that come from studies using LSHTM Open Data Kit

If you are happy to do so, please paste this text in to the acknowledgments section of your outputs…

“Electronic data solutions were provided by LSHTM Open Data Kit (”
Consent for use of personal data
We need to keep a record of your personal data (Name, email etc) in order to be able to provide our services and to contact you about your project. We may also occasionally wish to contact you to seek your opinions and experiences in surveys, to obtain case studies and as part of our public engagement or dissemination work. We can only do this is you provide explicit consent using the questions below
Consent for data storage *
I consent to my data being stored by the LSHTM Open Research Kits team, LSHTM Information Technology Services and on request by senior management of LSHTM. I understand that no data will be passed on to any third parties without additional consent
Service critical communications *
I consent to being contacted by the LSHTM Open Research team for service critical updates and operational reasons
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I consent to being contacted by the LSHTM Open Research team for surveys, case studies, public engagement and other matters that could improve service provision in the future or raise the profile of the project or the school.
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I consent to being sent occasional email newsletters, service updates and updated terms and conditions.
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