Naming Contest for Church and Society Internet Journal

The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP) is creating a new online justice journal that will inherit the role of the print journal "Church and Society." But we need a name! So let's get people talking: clergy, lay leaders and members in the pews, youth, community organizers, artists, ethicists, social policy experts, everyone we can get into the conversation, so that we can address the most critical justice needs of our time. We in the ACSWP want this journal to witness to the lives and ministries of churches on the ground. In other words, we want you to help us create this journal - and what better way than to start with the name? So here's the deal: you propose a name and provide an explanation of why you think it would be a good name and why it is important to you. Then, at the Big Tent at the end of June, we will lift up a select number of candidates. We will select a name based on the conversations at the Big Tent, one-to-one, and among the ACSWP. The winner will not only have the honor of naming what we hope is to become a powerful force for love and justice, but will also be featured in the journal with a bio, a photo, and the explanation behind the name. Frankly, though, this is about more than a contest. This is about getting you involved in the creative process of naming and directing this journal, because the journal - and the church itself - will be the better for it. (Please provide your name and contact info upon submission)
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