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4. Matching:
What specific background and expertise, on top of coaching/training, could you bring that could be interesting for some clients? *
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Are you already working with other career coaching and/or training companies? Which ones and in which way? *
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5. New clients
If we start working together, in which way would you be able to bring more clients, either for you to coach/train under our umbrella and with our subsidies lines, either for other coaches/trainers and you gaining a commission fee?
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e.g.: database of independent professionals I would write to
Please give some details about that source (please detail each of them if you picked more than one option) *
e.g. Got it through trainings I’ve been giving to them for the last 2 years
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What is the approximate size/reach of that source (please detail each of them if you picked more than one option) *
e.g.: 425 people in my database of leads
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6. Added value
What other value could you be adding to OrientaEuro and to the other coaches/trainers that are part of our team?
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