Clackamas County Transit Survey

Clackamas County is now in the process of developing an integrated website for several small transit providers in the county. The goal is to simplify the riding experience for customers traveling between multiple transportation providers. This includes: 

  • SAM (Sandy Area Metro) 

  • SMART (South Metro Area Regional Transit)

  • SCTD (South County Transportation District) 

  • CAT (Canby Area Transit)

  • ClackCo (Clackamas County Connects Shuttle Service)

  • MHX (Clackamas County Mt. Hood Express) 

As someone who is part of our community, we want your input!

Please answer the following questions to help us make improvements where needed. This survey is anonymous.

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How often do you ride a bus in Clackamas County? *
Which of the following transit systems do you use? *
How often do you use two or more transit systems in the same day in order to travel to your desired destination?
Where do you primarily look for information about bus routes or schedules? 
Overall, how do you rate your experience riding a bus in Clackamas County? *
What do you like most about riding a bus in Clackamas County?
What do you like least about riding a bus in Clackamas County? *
Is there something (information, features, etc.) that you wish the new website for public transportation in Clackamas County would offer?
What’s your age?
Where do you call home?
Do you have any other comments or suggestions to share?
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