RABM Mental Health Justice Storytelling Project
Thank you for being interested in the Raising a Beautiful Mind Storytelling Project. This is your opportunity to share your story without having your name connected to it because your journey matters and needs to be told. 
The stories of countless families need attention because they are more common than not and that has to change. 

In all honesty, I do not have just one project for these stories. Everything will be anonymous unless I specifically contact you with another opportunity but no one will ever know your name unless you one day choose that. The stories will be anonymously used for publications, in legislative advocacy, storytelling in other advocacy and media opportunities, and any other opportunities I create to make mental health change. If your story is ever shared in any capacity I will make sure that any identifying info is changed or removed to protect your privacy.

By completing this, you will automatically receive updates on the impact of your voices. There are also other opportunities for involvement if you so choose so.

If you were just sent this link you can learn more about me at mymensana.com and I strongly encourage you to send this to other parents/caregivers you know that are "Raising a Beautiful Mind" because every story is important and critical for change.

If you have any questions or need any support in your journey, email info@mymensana. I see you and I'm in this with you. -Jennifer Ulie, Ph.D., CEO Mensana Wellness Solutions & Parent that also walks the tragic mental health systems
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