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Artistic & Educational Consultant Team listed above or a clinician of your preference can come to your school/destination of travel and work with your ensemble at any time! This opportunity does not need to be a part of your travel experience, although it can be, but our main purpose is to bring an educational and next level experience to your students!

Examples of our clinicians at work below
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Request a clinician of your choice and we will set it up for you!
Although clinicians are separated by category, please don't hesitate to request any of them for any type of ensemble as they are all versed in reaching the individual in any musical setting!
Clinic examples:
LIVESTREAM: Jerry Junkin rehearsing David Maslanka's Symphony No. 4 with the Vandegrift HS Wind Ensemble
Larry Livingston rehearsing Akins HS Orchestra at USC
Jerry Junkin with the Leander HS Wind Ensemble
LIVESTREAM: Jeffrey Grogan with the Westwood HS Symphony Orchestra
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