WolvHaven Public Housing Application
Welcome to the WolvHaven Public Housing application form!

You may use this form to
- Get a new public housing unit
- Indicate your interest to move out of your current unit and into another unit

In order to qualify for a new public housing unit you must
- Be a citizen or above
- Not own another public housing unit already

Please have the following ready:
- Neighbourhood
- Building code
- Unit Number

Please take note of the following:
- Your application will be processed on the next administrative day
- You may wish to take a look at the various public housing projects in the city and determine a specific unit that you want
- Units come on a first come first serve basis
- Your application will only be rejected if you already own a public housing unit but do not intend to move out of your old unit or if you have filled out one of the fields incorrectly
- Moving applications are accepted depending on how long you have stayed in your current unit (We do not want to keep on redoing worldguard regions for you)
- People intending to move to another unit will have 1 week from the time their application is accepted to make the shift. Anything left in the old unit after this period will be given to the next owner.

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