Diabetes Community Supply Sharing (Donations)
Let us know what supplies you have to share with community members in need. We will contact you when the supplies you list are needed!

Questions? Email: supplysharing@gmail.com
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Where are you located? 
Can you tell us more about where exactly you're located? City, county, or general area?
What supplies do you have? (Check all that apply)
Please provide additional details about the supplies you are looking to donate.
In general, it's super helpful if you can provide quantity and expiration information whenever possible. In addition, it's extra helpful if you can also provide the following information:

For insulin and GLP-1s:
  • Format (e.g., pen, vial, cartridge)
  • Name (brand and/or generic name as applicable, e.g., Humalog/insulin lispro)
  • Total number of containers you are looking to donate (e.g., X boxes with 5 pens in each box, Y boxes of individual vials)
  • The concentration (e.g., U-100 or U-200 for insulin, the number of milligrams (mg) per dose for GLP-1s)
For infusion sites:
  • The exact name of the infusion site (e.g., AutoSoft XC, MiniMed Mio Advance)
  • The cannula length (e.g., 6mm, 9mm, 13mm)
  • The tubing length (e.g, 23 in., 32 in., 43 in.)
For CGM sensors:
  • Medtronic stuff: please indicate system generation (e.g., Guardian 3, Guardian 4, Guardian Connect).
  • Dexcom G7s: please indicate if there is a white line underneath the LBL number on the side of the box as shown here
Can you ship?
If you're not able to ship the supplies you're looking to donate via postal mail, we are very unlikely to be able to match you with a community member in need. If it's just a matter of having the money to do so, we may be able to reimburse the cost of shipping.
Do you agree to ship any insulin or GLP-1s with ice packs (or frozen juice boxes/pouches) to insure they arrive safely? We can give you additional tips for shipping if you need. *
If you're okay with us reaching out to you via text message, please provide your phone number here.
  • We will typically reach out via email first.
  • This is also really helpful to us if we are having email troubles.
  • Don't worry, we won't call.
Are you okay waiting until there is someone in need of your donated supplies before we contact you?
Typically, we won't reach out to you until we have a community member who is in need of the supplies you are looking to donate. 

If you need to get rid of your supplies sooner or otherwise want/need us to reach out to you faster than "as needed," you can let us know below.

If you opt to have us contact you sooner rather than as-needed, please be patient with response times. We are a volunteer-run group and prioritize fulfilling current requests.
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