Seller registration form
Dear Seller,

We are open to work on marketplace model, Please find below mentioned structure of our Market Place Model and Vitaminhaat''s terms and conditions for your reference :

Seller Panel :: Every seller will be given a seller panel for Order processing, Returns processing and Inventory management. The cataloging of the products will be done by Vitaminhaat.

Pricing (Web Price) :: The discounts to be given on products will be decided by Vitaminhaat.

Logistics/ Shipping :: Logistic services can be provided by Vitaminhaat or a seller can prefer their own logistics partner.

VAT and Other Applicable Taxes :: VAT and Other Applicable Taxes is borne by the seller.

Credit Period ::Vitaminhaat has a standard credit period for all its sellers i.e. 7 days post delivery to the customer.

Invoicing/ Shipping Labels :: Invoice and Shipping Labels will be generated in the name of the seller from the seller panel.

Lead Time (SLA) :: Standard 24 hours, once order gets reflected on seller panel.

Packaging Material :: Packaging materials such as carton, bubble wrap etc. will be arranged by the seller. However, Vitaminhaat will provide its own VH printed tape for wrapping purpose. Moreover, Vitaminhaat will provide instructions for packaging standards followed in logistics industry.

No. of Re-sellers :: Vitaminhaat works on a single seller model where only one seller assigned for a particular SKU. The selection of seller for any SKU is at Vitaminhaat's discretion.

Commission Invoice :: Varion Foodsciences Private Limited. will raise commission invoices for all the successful orders processed through its online portal

Seller Panel Charges :: A monthly charge of Rs 1500/- would be deducted per month for the seller panel.

Return/ Cancellation Policies :

Vitaminhaat offers a 14-days return policy to its customers.

All the customers return (expired, quality-related issues, damages etc) will be borne by the seller.

The seller will be charged a penalty of 3.5 % of invoice value if an order is cancelled at vendor's end.

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