Our IATSE, Our Vote: A Petition for Transparency and Member Input For 2020 Presidential Election Endorsements

This petition will be sent to the IATSE General Office for consideration by the following recipients:

--IATSE President Matthew D. Loeb
--General Secretary-Treasurer James B. Wood
--1st International Vice President Michael J. Barnes
--2nd International Vice President Thomas Davis
--3rd International Vice President Damian Petti
--4th International Vice President Michael F. Miller Jr.
--5th International Vice President Daniel Di Tolla
--6th International Vice President John Ford
--7th International Vice President John Lewis
--8th International Vice President Craig Carlson
--9th International Vice President Phil LoCicero
--10th International Vice President C. Faye Harper
--11th International Vice President Colleen A. Glynn
--12th International Vice President James J. Claffey, Jr.
--13th International Vice President Joanne M. Sanders
--IATSE Political and Legislative Department

Dear President Loeb, IATSE General Executive Board, and Political Legislative Department,

We, the undersigned, call upon the IATSE General Executive Board to change our union's presidential candidate endorsement process to be based on a vote by members across all United States locals. This request is a direct response to President Loeb's call to action through the Pillars of Success, particularly those of Leadership, Activism, and Communication. Having been challenged to step up in service to create a stronger, more influential union, we the membership ask to be directly involved in the conversations that shape the political direction of the IATSE's activism goals. We seek to promote a transparent, democratic working relationship between the IATSE leadership and working members, with an emphasis on open communication and individual participation.

In 2020 and for all future presidential elections, we request that all members in good standing with their locals should have the opportunity to contribute to the decision for endorsing candidates. This is especially important if these endorsements are to be made before the end of a primary election cycle. We believe that making space for all of our voices will strengthen the IATSE's power to collaborate on supporting labor-friendly candidates, while inspiring our members to become more actively involved in the political process. Additionally, we ask the General Executive Board to release a statement to the membership outlining the specific criteria used to analyze candidates for potential endorsement.

This request is not about soliciting support for endorsement of any particular candidate. This is about upholding union democracy and about having our voices as members heard within the leadership of IATSE internal affairs as well as in the workplace. Unions like the Communication Workers of America have established the precedent of a general membership vote to endorse candidates, and we respectfully urge IATSE to do the same.

In Solidarity,
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