HackMIT '20 Mentor and Judging Application
We are looking for mentors and judges for this year's hackathon! This year, HackMIT will be different--we'll be launching virtually with thousands of participants, speakers, and sponsors across the globe.

What you'll do as a mentor: To make it the best experience possible, we need your help to guide our hackers and help them work through the problems they are hoping to solve throughout the event. Mentors will select shifts during which they will respond to hackers' help requests, ranging from industry-specific questions to helping beginners build their first web app!

What you'll do as a judge: Judges will be responsible for viewing and selecting the most extraordinary projects from our HackMIT 2020 submissions. We are asking judges to commit at least one hour of their time towards this event. Using Gavel, an open source judging platform developed by HackMIT, judges will make pairwise comparisons to determine which projects will be eligible to win our top prizes. More information on Gavel can be found here: https://www.anishathalye.com/2016/09/19/gavel-an-expo-judging-system/ and all of HackMIT's open source projects can be found here: https://code.hackmit.org/.

By becoming a mentor or judge, you'll not only have the opportunity to see incredible projects that will go on to become the best startups in the technology world, you'll also receive the full benefits of attending HackMIT, including specialized swag and access to workshops, tech talks, and other auxiliary events!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at volunteer@hackmit.org or leave your questions at the end of this form!
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