Dietitian Business School
Thank you for helping me decide the delivery of my new offer, Dietitian Business School! Please know that all votes are anonymous. I appreciate your feedback and am so thankful for you.

As a general overview, there are 3 main parts to the mission here at Pursuing Private Practice:
1. Business Strategy: marketing, selling, making more money, and increasing your reach
2. Nutrition Counseling: exercises to keep clients coming back and increase your skills, boundaries, self-care, and have group supervision
3. Community: support and accountability

Here is where I am stuck (although I'm honestly leaning toward one, I can't lie!)

I always appreciate your feedback.

Should this be a membership or a program?

A membership model is support that you pay for on a monthly basis. You're supposed to get automatic "wins" each month in the membership, supporting your business growth with the content in the membership platform and with the support of the community. You decide each month whether or not to stay in the membership, even if there is a recommendation to stay for at least a certain amount of time in order to get the most out of the membership. I like this for autonomy and it's a low-risk way to "try" something out to see if it's a good fit for you. 

A membership model would "drip" content every single week so members are not overwhelmed. I already know if I do this, I would provide new content weekly for at least 4 months. However, you would not have access to all the content right away, so you may not get everything you need the first month (or even second month), even if you are less overwhelmed overall. Group calls would be offered 4 times/month to start featuring various topics, but only feature 1 case/1 problem/1 issue in those calls. When we do group supervision, I already know we can only take 3 cases/group call. A membership model usually has a thriving community (which Pursuing Private Practice already has!!) but there is some risk that not everyone always gets their questions answered because there is no individual one on one sessions, unless you are chosen to do some “hot seat” coaching in one of the group calls.

Lower cost (around $300/month)
More accessibility
Thriving community

No highly individualized attention
You do not get access to all of the content right away

A program model is an outline from start to finish. Most programs are 6 months, 9 months or 1 year. You would have access to all of the content right away because you have a personal coach helping you through the content to create your own plan. In this model, there would be group calls every week on various subjects, including bonus individual coaching with lots of opportunities for “hot seats”. In a program (vs membership) everyone is accounted for and taken care of. We would be keeping track of your progress and checking in more frequently. Because of this individualized support, it's high cost- usually programs are in the range of $500-$1000+/month.

Much more personal than a membership
You are committing to 6 months at a time
Access to all content as soon as it’s available

A higher price point
A smaller group of people will join and be a part of the community

Please give me feedback for Dietitian Business School!
How should I deliver Dietitian Business School?
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