AAC Voices Virtual Groups - Week 10
New participants welcome. Register here for May 18-22. Please only click submit once. Confirmation emails go out Saturday evening.
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If you are a professional or paraprofessional, who wishes to observe, with mic and camera off, please give your name, affiliation and, if applicable the child you work with:
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*Shared Reading groups are identical. Pick one only
** Preschool group is ages 3-6
***Young adult group is for teens and twenty somethings
All other groups are school aged

All groups run 40 minutes, Monday-Friday

Groups are designed for AAC users with neurodevelopmental, developmental, or similiar disabilities (such as CP, Rett Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome, BPAN, etc) all participants need to have a “helper” available. The best results come when attendance is consistent and the helper is able to demonstrate language on the child’s AAC system and assist him/her in finding the words they might want to say.
Group Selection (Groups will be removed when full, Morning Meeting, Reading and Writing close at 15-18 members; preschool, Rett Syndrome Chat and Preschool close at 8-10 members.) *
Is your child enrolled in Fitchburg Public Schools
Is your family associated with Rett Syndrome Association of Massachusetts?
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You will be sent the payment options the weekend before class begins. If you have previously used a service like Venmo, Apple Pay, or Zelle you may use the payment information you already have, if not please pay when you receive the email. Classes are about $5 per single class, paid by the week.
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