Michigan's Children: Youth Voices on School Safety and Gun Violence
Michigan's leaders are considering a number of proposals to improve school safety. It's important that policymakers know what students are saying they need to feel safer in their schools.

High school students: we want to hear from you. What do you think about these ideas below? What would you tell the Governor and Legislature about these ideas? What do you like, and what would you like to see changed?

**Exemplary answers may be published as guest blogs on Michigan's Children's website with express written consent and compensated. We will not share or publish any submissions from minors without a parent or guardian's express written consent. We will not use your email address unless an exemplary response is selected for publication. For your privacy, we will reach out to you shortly for more information, or erase your personal information from our records.

Here's a quick list of what ideas are out there:

Some reforms focus on school buildings, policies, and personnel:
-Make improvements to buildings that would improve student safety (e.g., locks, cameras, metal detectors, etc)
-Increase the number of counselors, social workers, and psychologists in schools
-Increase the number of armed guards in schools (aka school resource officers)
-Train educators to identify which students are experiencing trauma or toxic stress and connect them with people who can help
-Create a School Safety Commission to review safety procedures in Michigan schools
-Expand afterschool programs and school-based health services to provide extra care and support for students

Others focus on law enforcement's role in school violence:
-Expand a program that allows for confidential reporting of suspicious or harmful behavior in schools (OK2Say)
-Require schools to report incidents of violence to the police
-Provide consistent, standardized training to law enforcement professionals on identifying risks for school violence and responding to violent situations

Other reforms focus on the role of firearms in school violence:
-Allow teachers to bring guns into school
-Close the "gun show loop" in firearms purchases
-Ban the sale of military-grade assault rifles
-Ban the sale of guns to individuals convicted of domestic violence
-Allow the confiscation of guns from individuals deemed a "risk to themselves or others" (aka Red flag laws)

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