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Beyond Skin Foundation is a charity founded by Lola O'Neill. We run 2 & 4 week projects throughout the year in India where students teach and assist women who have suffered through domestic violence and also acid attack survivors.
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Confidential & Optional Volunteer Diversity Monitoring:
Beyond Skin Foundation is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all and welcomes volunteers from all sections of the community. In this questionnaire we will ask you to provide us with some personal information about yourself. We are doing this to demonstrate our commitment to promoting equality of opportunity in volunteering. This information that you provide will assist us to measure the effectiveness of our equal opportunity policies and take action to remove the barriers to volunteering where necessary.

Your answers will be treated with the strictest confidence. We assure you that answers will not be used by us to make any unfair decisions affecting you. You are not obliged to answer the questions on this form.
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