Auditions for 'The Neighbors'
Please fill out this form to book your audition for 'The Neighbors'. Make sure to fill out your availability information fully and correctly – if you give false information, we may be forced to withdraw role offers.
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You must be available for all of the final rehearsals and performances in the period Saturday 4 – Sunday 19 March. This will mean being available almost every day during this period. Are there any dates in this period when you will NOT be available? *
You must have excellent availability for rehearsals on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons in the period 4 January–4 March. Check all times that you ARE generally available: *
Are there any dates or times when you would NOT be available for rehearsals on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the period 4 January–4 March? For example, will you be away on a trip or attending an important event, or do you have a regular commitment? Would there be any issues with the start or end time of rehearsals? *
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