CARP Zero Waste Feedback
Thank you for your interest in helping Evanston achieve its goal of becoming a Zero Waste community by 2050. All questions are optional but we encourage you to share your demographic information so we can ensure we are hearing from all members of the community.

For more information on this process and other climate action related programs of the City please visit: or email
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What do you think the biggest issue with waste is in Evanston?
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All of the following policies are in the City’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan.
1. Combat food waste by requiring retailers and restaurants to donate, reduce, reuse, or compost their unsold food.
2. Eliminate petroleum-based, single-use products through phasing out the use of single-use plastics by 2025 (plastic straws, coffee stirrers, to-go cups).
3. Update and revise the disposable plastic shopping bag ban to achieve its intended outcome.
4. Require recycling at all properties. Adopt policies that provide all properties equal access to waste diversion services such as recycling and composting.
Do you have any specific recommendations for how these policies should be developed?
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What do you think is the most confusing part about recycling and composting in Evanston?
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Would you be willing to pay a little bit more if you knew those funds would support waste reduction and climate action in Evanston?
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