Oddities Expo - 2019 Application
Hi everyone! Please select the cities below that you are interested in vending for 2019.

*** If you are only interested in vending ONE city, please refer to single city applications.***

For each city/state, please do your research on what is needed for taxes (I will also provide via email closer to event dates) and the laws regarding sales (human, etc) in each state.

Once you send in your application, we will contact you via email with the payment total. Partial payments are allowed but we do ask you try to make full payment towards your balance as soon as you can. A certain percentage may be due upon invoice being sent depending on total. We're more than happy to work our payment plan dates with you as long as its reasonable. Vending multiple events will add a discount to your total.

ONLY if you have vended with us before, please make sure to select "Returning vendor applying".

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All taxidermy, specimens, bones, etc must be ethically and legally sourced. By checking below you are saying ALL of your products are legal to sell per state. Please do proper research per state you vend! *
Please provide your website/social media pages. If none, we will email you and require photos/descriptions of what you plan to have at the event. (Just as a reminder to us!) Please provide actual links if you have them. *
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Please provide any Special Requests or additional information. (Example: Booth placement, quantity of booths, preferences, etc.) *Please note, Electric is an additional cost through the venue in most cities. If you are interested in electric, I will send you an Exhibitor Service Form closer to the event date.
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