Faculty/Staff Service Trip Leader Interest Form
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Faculty/Staff Trip Leader with the Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts (MOVE) Service Trip Program. It is the mission of the MOVE Office to expand the concept of community service to embrace social justice and emphasize our connectedness to the world, as defined by Catholic social teaching.  Through our experiences of service, reflection, and dialogue, we are compelled to respond through compassionate action, education, and advocacy. 

While the student leader should take the more active leadership role throughout preparation and the week of the trip, faculty and staff members play an instrumental role in helping students fulfill this mission as leaders and learning partners.  Specifically, the following outlines the roles and responsibilities of a faculty/staff leader on a MOVE Service Trip:
  • Assist student leader in searching for enrichment materials to share & discuss at pre-trip meetings to help prepare the group for the service trip experience and the work they will do  
  • Support the student leaders by empowering them in leading, decision-making, and reflection facilitation processes
  • Develop relationships with students on the trip, become a fully integrated group member
  • Challenge student participants and leaders in a developmental way
  • Engage fully in service and reflection
  • Assist with driving responsibilities 
Important Events & Meetings:
  • Poverty & Culture Orientation Nights: November 9 & 10, 2022; 7-8:30PM (strongly encouraged, but not mandatory for fac/staff leaders)
  • 2 Pre-trip prep group meetings (dates determined by each trip)
  • Pre-trip logistics meeting & post-trip feedback meeting with Student Leaders & MOVE Assistant Director
  • Pre-trip Dinner (held the night before the trip leaves)
  • Welcome back dinner
* Note: Those who have been employed for a minimum of 1 year are welcome to apply service trips as part of your paid community service leaveThe form needs to be filled out by the employee, signed by a supervisor, and sent to Lara Scott in MOVE (box 395 if mail is preferable). Lara will sign on the lines for agency and associate director of campus ministry and return it to HR.

*Note: The fee for participating on a trip as a leader is $80
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