Verification of Continuance in Residency
Each person in training who is registered with ACVB is to notify ACVB yearly that they are continuing to make progress in the program. This form must be completed by January 1 of each year. Failure to do so will result in removal from the list of registered trainees, removal of resident website access, and the need to re-register and submit a proposed program (for those in a non-conforming route program).
First Name
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Last Name
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City, State, Zip
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Daytime Phone Number
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E-mail Address
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Name of Your Mentor
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We require each resident to confirm he/she is working towards successful completion of his/her program. Please accept/don't accept the following statement. This question is required.
I am continuing to actively work toward the completion of my program.
When do you expect to have your program completed
ACVB Policy on the Use of “Resident”
An “ACVB Resident” is a person who has:
(1) Registered with ACVB, and
(2) Is in an approved training program
(A) In an ACVB-approved residency program
(B) In an ACVB-approved non-conforming program
Once the person has completed their residency program, or has been notified by ACVB that their non-conforming program is complete, or dropped out of either type of program, they may no longer call themselves a “resident.”
Those in non-conforming programs shall have 10 years from the time of registration to complete their program.
Proper identification for business cards would be:
(1) ACVB resident in private practice training
(2) ACVB resident at XXX University
(3) ACVB resident in the Military Behavioral Residency Program
Thank you for updating us on the progress of your program. We are here to help you however we can so please never hesitate to reach out to us at
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