Public Media Stack Summit - Issues Workshop
This google form is to capture issues for the first day of the Public Media Stack Summit. As the summit is being held under The Chatham House Rule, this google form will not ask for names or email addresses for any contribution.

The aim of the first day of the workshop is to capture issues facing public media projects and technology ecosystems. We'll be categorising the issues according the ethical/strategy/tactical layers of the stack, summarising the impacts of this issue for public media projects, and rating them on how critical they are right now.

By submitting a contribution, you are giving approval for the Public Media Stack Summit team and Storythings to edit, share, publish or otherwise distribute the information you submit in the form, either in the final Public Media Stack report, or other communications. If you do not want to give approval for this, please do not use this form and email for alternative ways to contribute.
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