Reader Survey 2022
Hi there! We are El Colectivo 506, an independent media outlet led by women that creates solutions journalism with a special focus on rural Costa Rica. Can you spare a few minutes to help us learn more about our current and potential readers, and gather ideas for our future editions?

This survey can be filled out by frequent readers, new arrivals, or even people who have never heard of us before—all insights from those interested in Costa Rica and independent journalism, or the topics we cover, will help us grow and bring you stories of interest!

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Do you remember a topic, section, issue, story or post that you particularly enjoyed? Tell us what it is and why. (Don’t worry if you don’t remember the details!)
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What else would you like to see from us in 2023?
What would you change about El Colectivo 506?
We founded El Colectivo 506 to contribute to positive change in Costa Rica through independent journalism that studies not only our problems, but also the people and organizations that are working to address those problems. Do you identify with that mission?
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If you answered yes, why do you think this work is important? (If you prefer, you can also send us an audio to +506.8506.1506, or write to us at Your comments will REALLY help us share the value of our project with others).

Before you go: would you like to tell us a story about your connection to Costa Rica/rural Costa Rica for our November 2022 edition, all about our reader communities? If you are not Costa Rican, you might tell us about one of the moments, people or places that sparked your love for this country, those moments when you realized that you could never forget this place. If you are Costa Rican, you might tell us about one trip or moment that helped spark your love for rural Costa Rica in particular, or your belief in rural Costa Rica's abilities to solve its own challenges. (If you prefer, you can also send us an audio to +506.8506.1506, or send us an email separately.)
Your feedback will be SO useful to us as we plan for the future. Don't forget to subscribe to our free weekly newsletter (right here:, and please consider supporting our newsroom with a donation. You can become an Annual Member for just "$56 for 506" for the year, or donate more to give a membership to a friend! Donate here:

But mostly... just THANK YOU! -Katherine and Mónica
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