Skybridge Application for Admission
Thank you for your interest in joining the Skybridge learning community. Please review
the information below, complete the Student and Parent portions of the application, and
return to Skybridge with a $25 Application Fee.

We are delighted that you have chosen Skybridge Academy and are committed to creating
an environment in which learning is sacred and everyone is committed to personal
excellence. While our intellectual program is highly personalized, we must share universal
norms of respectful behavior in order to maintain an environment in which excellence is
pursued vigorously by all of our students.

Our selective admissions process ensures that we have highly functioning, autonomous,
compassionate, intellectually curious students. The smooth operation of our school
requires that everyone in our community needs to feel profoundly safe and secure,
allowing us to be vulnerable with each other. Therefore each learner and both parents
must be responsible for managing the energy that they bring to our community.
Our general adult standard of behavior is based on that of the adult, creative class in
Austin at the office. Even in a casual business environment, it is still a business
environment, and professionals know that their careers are at stake and thus want to be
taken seriously.

Thus, behavioral standards are determined by asking, “What behaviors would typically
result in a loss of respect and credibility in the professional creative setting?” If students
behave in a manner that is inappropriate to a creative office setting in Austin, the specific
behavior that would result in a loss of respect and credibility will be pointed out to them.
Smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, and pornography are not allowed at the school at any time
and are grounds for immediate and permanent dismissal.

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