2019 Spring Broiler Reservation List
Chicks are secure in our barn brooder, warm and growing. Soon they'll be moved to an outdoor pen equipped with a heat lamp and lots of fresh grass. Harvest is set for April 9 with birds ready for pick up on April 12 through 14. On Friday, April 12, we'll deliver birds to those who are located in one of our designated delivery zones. This offering of broilers is limited to the classic Cornish Cross breed.

Processing is done by a USDA approved Poultry Processor. We have to drive an extra distance to take the birds to this processor, but they are very humane, clean and their finished product is the best we've found. Packaging is in heavy gauge shrink wrap bags offering excellent protection for long lasting freezer storage.

Newland Ranch poultry are moved onto grass as soon as they are feathered. We help them with heat lamps at the start, but they quickly adapt to our specially built poultry rearing facility. Our birds are never fed growth hormones, steroids or given preventative antibiotics. Clean water is available 24/7 and birds free to range in open field and forest environs as they wish.

Reserve your birds today by making your selection below and clicking the submit button. Orders are filled in the order they are received, and limited to an on available basis. Reservation submission is a commitment to purchase.

We take payment by cash, check, PayPal and the cash app Zelle. Payment is due at time of delivery.

Please visit us at www.newlandranch.com.

PS/When you make your selections in the form below and click the "Submit" button you will get a courtesy pop-up alert that you are sending the form to a location outside this eMail ... it is okay to click OK, which allows the form to be submitted. You will then see a Thank You note. If this troubles you, please contact me directly and we can take your reservation a different way. Thanks. Eric

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