CSSY Tishrei Application 2020
Bringing the joy and celebration of Shabbos and Yom Tov to hundreds of homes throughout the Crown Heights community with dignity and serenity.

Kindly complete this online application so Chevra Simchas Shabbos V'YomTov can better assist you.

Should you find it difficult to complete this application, please contact us at 718-774-5270 or email cssyoffice@gmail.com.

If you feel you may need on-going assistance, please contact us after Tishrei.
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Were you working prior to the COVID-19 pandemic? *
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Will you be home for Tishrei? *
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Do you receive government assistance? Please indicate which: *
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Please review your application before submitting to ensure all information is correct and accurate.
*Applying is not a guarantee that services will be provided.* Though CSSY will attempt to help all individuals in need of Kosher food, in the case of limited resource, the organization will prioritize candidates based on need and first come – first serve basis.
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