Chiaha Arts Education Mini-Grant 2019

Chiaha Guild of Arts and Crafts is dedicated to promoting the arts and arts education.

Chiaha Arts Education Mini-Grant: Up to $4000 in grant funding will be awarded for projects that improve and expand visual and performing arts education opportunities for students in Floyd County, Georgia. A total of $2000 is available for performing arts projects, and $2000 is available for visual arts projects.

The Chiaha Visual and Performing Arts Education Mini-Grant is available for K-12 public and private schools and nonprofit organizations located in Floyd County. Proof of 501(c)(3) status may be required.

Application Deadlines:
Monday, September 23, 2019 at 5:00pm
Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

Mini-Grant award winners will be notified on or before October 18, 2019. Checks will be presented at Chiaha Harvest Fair, October 26-27, 2019. A representative from the funded organization must be present to receive the award. Award winners are required to provide a display board with photographs and a description of the completed project for the 2020 Chiaha Harvest Fair.

Application Criteria:
Your application will be evaluated on the following criteria:
The project improves and expands arts educational opportunities in Floyd County, Georgia.
The project reaches a substantial number of children or provides an in-depth experience.
The project demonstrates artistic merit, sound planning and management, and impact.
The project supports but does not supplant school district responsibilities.
The project fulfills a need unmet by other programs.

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TIP: A total of $2000 is available for all mini-grants within each category. While a single organization may apply for the entire $2000, smaller grant requests are more likely to be funded.
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Submit this application on or before 5:00pm September 23, 2019.
Please contact Chris Davidson at with any questions.
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