Winter Survey
After last year's winter, the Midland School District would like to seek out information from our families regarding school and winter conditions. Last year, we used all of our emergency days and then some due to the extreme weather. Due to that, schools throughout the state are looking at alternatives so that we can continue to offer educational services and not lose the entire day of school. We appreciate your time answering this survey. If you have any further questions, please contact your child's building principal.
Last winter, Midland CUSD 7 utilized a late start where school started approximately two hours later than usual. While this allowed for roads to be further cleared, we also were able to get a full day's credit for attendance and didn't have to make up the day. Are two hour late starts something you are interested in the district continuing with this winter.
Do you have access to the internet at home?
Alternative learning days or e-learning days have been instituted in districts throughout the state of Illinois. On days where there is adverse weather conditions, school districts can call for an alternative or e-learning day. During these days, teachers would post assignments and students would need to access their Google Classroom accounts. For students without internet capabilities or for our younger grades, paper copies would be provided before the event. If needed, materials would be sent home after the event for the student to make up within a determined amount of time. Are alternative or e-learning days something you'd be interested in Midland pursuing in the future?
If you answered that you are interested in alternative learning or e-learning days, what would be your primary method be of getting the work from the school? Please note, this question primarily pertains to middle school and high school students who regularly complete assignments via Google Classroom.
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