Writers Against the War on Gaza (WAWOG) is an ad hoc coalition committed to solidarity and the horizon of liberation for the Palestinian people. Drawing together writers, editors, and other culture workers, WAWOG hopes to provide ongoing infrastructure for cultural organizing in response to the war. This project is modeled on American Writers Against the Vietnam War, an organization founded in 1965.


October 26, 2023

Israel’s war against Gaza is an attempt to conduct genocide against the Palestinian people. This war did not begin on October 7th. However, in the last 19 days, the Israeli military has killed over 6,500 Palestinians, including more than 2,500 children, and wounded over 17,000. Gaza is the world’s largest open-air prison: its 2 million residents—a majority of whom are refugees, descendants of those whose land was stolen in 1948—have been deprived of basic human rights since the blockade in 2006. We share the assertions of human rights groups, scholars, and, above all, everyday Palestinians: Israel is an apartheid state, designed to privilege Jewish citizens at the expense of Palestinians, heedless of the many Jewish people, both in Israel and across the diaspora, who oppose their own conscription in an ethno-nationalist project. 

We come together as writers, journalists, academics, artists, and other culture workers to express our solidarity with the people of Palestine. We stand with their anticolonial struggle for freedom and for self-determination, and with their right to resist occupation. We stand firmly by Gaza’s people, victims of a genocidal war the United States government continues to fund and arm with military aid—a crisis compounded by the illegal settlement and dispossession of the West Bank and the subjugation of Palestinians within the state of Israel.

We stand in opposition to the silencing of dissent and to racist and revisionist media cycles, further perpetuated by Israel’s attempts to bar reporting in Gaza, where journalists have been both denied entry and targeted by Israeli forces. At least 24 have now been killed. Internationally, writers and cultural workers have faced severe harassment, workplace retribution, and job loss for expressing solidarity with Palestine, whether by stating facts about their continued occupation, or for amplifying the voices of others. These are instances that mark severe incursions against supposed speech protections. In the US, Canada, Europe, and beyond, specious charges of antisemitism are leveled against Zionism’s critics; the political repression has been particularly aggressive against Muslim, Arab, and Black people. As was the case following the September 11th attacks, Islamophobic political fervor and the widespread circulation of unsubstantiated claims has galvanized a US-led coalition of military support for a brutal campaign of violence.

What can we do to intervene against Israel’s eliminationist assault on the Palestinian people? Words alone cannot stop the onslaught of devastation of Palestinian homes and lives, backed shamelessly and without hesitation by the entire axis of Western power. At the same time, we must reckon with the role words and images play in the war on Gaza and the ferocious support they have engendered: Israel’s defense minister announced the siege as a fight against “human animals”; even as we learned that Israel had rained bombs down on densely populated urban neighborhoods and even deployed white phosphorus in Gaza City, the New York Times editorial board wrote that “what Israel is fighting to defend is a society that values human life and the rule of law”; many establishment media outlets have described Hamas’s attack on Israel as “unprovoked.” Writers Against the War on Gaza rejects this perversion of meaning, wherein a nuclear state can declare itself a victim in perpetuity while openly enacting genocide. We condemn those in our industries who continue to enable apartheid and genocide. We cannot write a free Palestine into existence, but collectively, we must, with our every capacity, reject narratives that soothe Western complicity in ethnic cleansing. 

We act alongside other writers, scholars, and artists who have expressed solidarity with the Palestinian cause, drawing inspiration from the Palestinian spirit of sumud (steadfastness) and resistance. Since 2004, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) has advocated for organizations to join a boycott of institutions representing the Israeli state or cultural institutions complicit with its apartheid regime. We call on all our colleagues working in cultural institutions to endorse that boycott. And we invite writers, editors, journalists, scholars, artists, musicians, actors, and anyone in creative and academic work to sign this statement. Join us in building a new cultural front for a free Palestine.  

Signed, WAWOG Interim Organizing Committee:

Hannah Black

Ari Brostoff (Senior Editor, Jewish Currents)

Elena Comay del Junco

E. Tammy Kim 

Shiv Kotecha

Wendy Lotterman (Associate Editor of Parapraxis)

Muna Mire (freelance writer and organizer)

Perwana Nazif 

Brendan O'Connor (Freelance writer, author of Blood Red Lines)

Alex Press (Staff Writer, Jacobin)

Sarah Nicole Prickett

Dylan Saba

Zoé Samudzi (Associate Editor of Parapraxis)

Jasmine Sanders 

Claire Schwartz (Culture Editor, Jewish Currents)

Chloe Watlington

Hannah Zeavin (Founding Editor, Parapraxis)

Signed, In Solidarity:

Fatimah Warner (Noname)

Saul Williams

Susan Sarandon

Janeane Garofalo

Gael García Bernal

Danez Smith

Ocean Vuong

Aria Aber

Saidiya Hartman

Cathy Park Hong

Robin D. G. Kelley

Anne Boyer (poet)

Kaveh Akbar

John Early

Leslie Jamison

Doreen St. Félix

Dionne Brand (poet, novelist, essayist)

Christina Sharpe (writer)

Sarah Schulman

Moira Donegan

Solmaz Sharif (poet)

Malcolm Harris 

Don Mee Choi

Kim Hyesoon

Tobi Haslett

Stéphane Robolin

Molly Burch (songwriter)

Himanshu “Heems” Suri

Harmony Holiday

Warsan Shire 

Zain Khalid

Sophie Lewis (feminist theorist)

Alberto Toscano

Morgan Bassichis

Jos Charles

Catherine Lacey

Audrey Wollen

Milo Walls

Kaleem Hawa

Andrea Long Chu

Ruth Wilson Gilmore

Geoffrey G. O'Brien (poet)

Corina Copp

Jackie Wang (poet)

Sinan Antoon (poet and novelist)

Carina del Valle Schorske

Emily Segal (Deluge Books)

C Pam Zhang (author)

bernard ferguson

Jesse McIntosh

Lisa Borst (n+1)

Penda Mbaye Z. Smith

Leah Hennessey (writer)

Marcella Arguello

Mark Krotov 

Anahid Nersessian

Claudia O’Doherty

Natasha Lennard (Columnist, The Intercept)

Jen Parker (Editor, Co-Founder, Hammer & Hope)

Katie Liptak

Kamran Javadizadeh

Dave Zirin, (The Nation magazine)

Kyle Dacuyan (The Poetry Project)

Jeff Clark (designer)

Liam Benzvi

Sophia Giovannitti

Coco Gordon Moore

Brionne Janae

Jibz Cameron

Chase Berggrun
Joel Kim Booster
Dan Fishback

Emily Allan 

P.E. Moskowitz

Valeria Luiselli

Will Menaker

Thora Siemsen

Joy Priest (poet and scholar)

Brittani Nichols

Sasha Frere-Jones

Sandy Honig

Micah Uetricht (editor, Jacobin magazine)

Wendy Xu

Tracy Rosenthal

Jamie Lauren Keiles (contributing writer, The New York Times Magazine)

Ana Fabrega

Margaret Ross

aracelis girmay

Marian Bull

May Jeong

Maggie Millner

Mary dunphe

Hedi el kholti

Noah Kulwin

Chantz Erolin (editor, Graywolf Press)

Josh Sharp

Erin Markey

Maru Pabón (scholar and translator)

Blair McClendon

Meagan Day (Jacobin magazine)

Felix Biederman

Billie Swift

Juliana Spahr

Nicholas F. Bloom

Kelsey McKinney (Defector Media)

Dan Boeckner

Aaron Bady

ML Kejera

Lydia Kiesling 

Mitra Jouhari

Javier Zamora

Pippa Bianco

Noah Warren

Nate Ruess

River L. Ramirez

Shuchi Saraswat

Subrina Heyink

Max Posner

Maddie Connors

Quenton Baker

Gabriel Winant

Katie McVay

Samora Pinderhughes

Anuradha Vikram 

Poulomi Saha

Medaya Ocher

Mahdi Sabbagh

Tara Sharma

Elaine Kahn

Naomi McPherson (MUNA)

Maeve Higgins

Fariba Salma Alam

Tania Qurashi

Patti Harrison

Sharbari Ahmed (author and screenwriter) 

Amber Coffman

Ayaz Muratoglu

Franny Weed

Elisabeth Nicula

Danielle Carr

Holly Pester

Khyam Allami

Namita Gupta Wiggers

Sophia Dahlin

Ben Brooks

Emma Borges-Scott

Lianna Culp

Tahirah Hairston (writer)

Cleo Abramian

Yaminah Mayo

Tasnim Ahmed

Denzel Xavier Scott

Ricardo Gamboa

Maria Al-sadek

Mecca J. Williams

Kathy Engel

Annya Santana

Darian Symoné Harvin

Ana Karina Zatarain

Sophia Li

Ashley C. Ford

Fariha Roisin

Céline Semaan

Nicole Nimri

Peyton Dix

Jamie Demetriou

Charlotte Palermino

Naomi Accardi (Freelance Writer)


Ted Scheinman

Judnick Mayard

Brace Belden

Liz Franczak

Mike Jeffrey

Elena Saavedra Buckley

Corey Stokes

Hunter Harris

Clover Hope

Cody-Rose Clevidence

Jane Gregory

Willy Blackmore

Rachel Vorona Cote

Bridget Talone

Kim Russell

Ari Banias

Christopher Shay

Tianna Bratcher

Hasan Piker

Lauren Caruso

Diane Chang

Josef Kaplan

Yelda Ali

Ben Mabie

Andrew Hsiao

Catherine Liu

Kara Brown

Joey La Neve DeFrancesco (Downtown Boys, UMAW)

Victoria Ruiz (Downtown Boys)

Andrew Ti

Tarpley Hitt

Sonia Denis

René Kladzyk (writer, musician)

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

Tess Brown-Lavoie

Dougie Poole

Tamaryn Brown 

Kayla Ephros

Fatimah Asghar

Emily Martin

Laura Henriksen (The Poetry Project)

Beck Rivka Levy (Astropress Editions)

Kelsey Lu

Daniella Ben-Bassat

Jamila Woods

Matt Reber (musician)

Estella Adeyeri (Big Joanie)

Chardine Taylor-Stone

Andrea AK (poet)

Sara'o Bery

Jeffrey Pethybridge (poet)

Jessalyn Aaland

Thera Webb

Gavilán Rayna Russom

Roberto Carlos Lange

Rocko Foltz

Yasmina Tawil (Arab Film & Media Institute)

Sara Jane Stoner

Rider Alsop

Richard Finlay Fletcher

Carolina Ebeid

Matthew Moore

Sophia Al-Maria

Nazlı Koca

poupeh missaghi

Mairead Case

Julie Carr

Joshua Clover

Stella Corso

Jess Rizkallah

Carolyn Lazard

Summer Farah

Logan Fry

Lindsay Turner

Farid Matuk

Lisa Jarnot (poet)

Cedar Sigo

Cass Eddington

a rawlings

Kazim Ali

Ryan Skrabalak (Spiral Editions)

Jolie Maya-Altshuler

Melissa Lozada-Oliva (author of Dreaming of You and Candelaria)

Jennifer Patterson

Tim Kinsella

Rebecca Wolff

Alexandra DiPalma

Anthony Richards

Orlando Hernández

Franny Choi

Matvei Yankelevich

Alex Ashe

Diana Lizette Rodriguez

Phoebe Osborne

Sadie Dupuis

Theo Ellin Ballew

Tom Comitta

Nathan Brown

Domino Hooks

Maxe Crandall


Jesse Nichols

Mark de Clive-Lowe

David Gulley II

Edward Ongweso (editor, Logic(s) Magazine)

Tajh Morris

Atiyyah Khan (journalist)

Carolyn Ferrucci

Max Collin (Eve 6) 
Jon Siebels  (Eve 6)

Jose A. Rodriguez

Rudy Gerson

Ethan Swan

Jonathan González

Cleveland Thrasher

Sean Miura

Rebecca Celli

Karna Ray

Madeline Rose

Maya Shoukri

Lisa Hsiao Chen

Christie Offenbacher

Mary Clark

Amy Catanzano

Theresa Henson

Jenny Zhang

Nicholas Boggs

Jim Weber

Elizabeth Willis

Sarah Thankam Mathews

Maryn Jones

Nicholas Jean Berger (artist/musician)

Salar Ansari

Rachel James

Sarah Osment

Paul Dochney

Heba Kadry (Mastering Engineer)

Phyllis Ma

Rithika Ramamurthy

Faten Kanaan

Devin Daniels

Arman Avasia

Nicky Mao (Hiro Kone)

Emel mathlouthi

Tobi Vail

Jayce Salloum (artist)

Susan Briante

Naomi Shimada

Anthony Arnove

Adham Zidan

Sarah Huneidi

Shadi El-Hosseiny (Musician)

Sylvie Robinson

Youssra El Hawary (Musician)

Yamini Nayar

Naomi Wallace  (playwright)

Joanna Ruocco

Philip Metres

Edwin Torres

Rosie Stockton

Pablo R. Ruiz

lexi welch

Tommy Pico

Tammy Lakkis

Bushra Rehman

Robert Beshara

Patrick Pritchett

Alex Colston

Lucien Baskin

Tianyu Yi

Rachel Sanders

Emmeline Clein

Maxime Cavajani

Janeen Singer

Laura Marris

Shruti Parekh


Emma March

Hannah P. Gold

Shannon Keating

Sueyeun Juliette Lee

Matthew Ismael Ruiz

Allison Hussey

Tiara Sharma

Xandra Ellin

George Joseph

Fargo Nissim Tbakhi (Artist-In-Residence at Jewish Currents)

Jeffrey Erlacher

Hannah Alani

Yousef H. Alshammari (Kuwaiti writer and journalist)

China Miéville

Sesshu Foster (East Los Angeles Dirigible Air Transport Lines)

Zoe Hu

Lauren Rearick

Christin El-Kholy

Alana Pockros

Kim Kelly

Cat Zhang (Pitchfork)

Brian Conn

Shawn Gude (managing editor, Jacobin magazine)

Anna Bálint

Trisha Low

Rainer Diana Hamilton

Evan Minsker

Sarah Steadman 

James Kleinfeld (Al Jazeera)


Ahmed Ragab

Ahmed Awny

Rosie Warren (co-founder and editor, Salvage, editor, Verso Books)

Urooj Hashmi HabibuRahman

Chana Porter

Ted Hearne

Roger Reeves

Jumana Manna

Divya Victor

Joanna Evans

Dara Abdallah

Edwin Nasr

Nayera Abdelrahman

Mohammed Zenia Siddiq Yusef Ibrahim

Julia Bloch

philip rizk

Greg Nissan


Jessica Kwok

Heather Davis, The New School

Mohammad Abou Laban (writer)

Nick Dagher (Interference Detroit)

Enrico De Angelis

Natalie Shapero

Karam Ghossein (Filmmaker)

Mirene Arsanios

Salma Moustafa Khalil

Dellair Youssef

Aaron Edwards

Emily Walsh (psychologist)

Charles Trees

Laurel Halo

Omar Robert Hamilton

Ricky Montgomery

Francesco Sebregondi

Moad Musbahi

Kandist Mallett

Syd Zolf

Maaza Mengiste

Lara Khattab

Alex Ronan

Amal Issa

Keli Safia Maksud

Ala Tannir

Elvia Wilk

Alex Ronan 

Yasmin El-Rifae

Sam Richardson

suneela mubayi

Molly Lambert

Emily Hunt

Miller Oberman

Hicham Awad

Lou Cornum (Pinko Magazine)

Temim Fruchter

Julia Tillinghast

Amy Rose Spiegel

Kaye Cain-Nielsen

Nathaniel Farrell

Gala Mukomolova

Mirene Arsanios

Romy Opperman (The New School)

Cecilia Aldarondo (Filmmaker)

Annabel Lee

Preti Taneja 

Aaron Jackson

Mickey Mahar

Brandy Jensen

Rachel Levitsky

Megan Fernandes

Shawn Setaro

Nicole W, Solomon

Monika Estrella Negra (Queer Spec, Audre's Revenge Film)

Elaine Kahn

Ama Josephine Budge Johnstone (writer, scholar, artist, teacher)

Katharie Halls

Nema Alaraby (writer and translator)

Marcia Lynx Qualey (ArabLit)

Wojciech Kosma

Richard Seymour

Sean Mannion

Burcu Sahin (writer)

David Zimmerman

Merima Dizdarević (artist, writer, actress)

Bendik Vada

Andria Nyberg Forshage

Priya Bains

Simone Schmidt

Fadi Abdelnour

Synead Cidney Nichols

Michael Nardone

Michelle Hartman (academic and translator)

Sheila Ribeiro

Erin Johnson

Judith Kiros (poet)

Sarah Jaffe

Clare Fisher

S.K. Perry

Rachael Guynn Wilson

Cathy Linh Che

Cristián Díaz O'Ryan (University of Talca Radio station)

Caline Nasrallah

Kayo Chingonyi

Laura Hunt

Bill Spencer

Mary Walling Blackburn

Jackie Sibblies Drury

Meehan Crist

Dareen Tatour - دارين طاطور

Judah Rubin

Emily Raboteau

Sally Frater

Hilal Chouman

Kazu Makino

Ben Holtzman

Muhammad El-Hajj

Arash Davari

Rasha Al Jundi

Youssef Atwan

Golnar Nikpour

Mona Kareem (poet)

Jackson Howard (senior editor, FSG)

Sam Adler-Bell

Assia Boundaoui

Jerry Lieblich

Sasami Ashworth

Clement Gelly

Eamon Whalen

Ruqaiyah Zarook

Caleb Brennan

Daniel Marcus

Abla Kandalaft

Molara Wood 

Durga Chew-Bose

Taraneh Fazeli

Yasmine Zohdi

Sara masry

Piers Gelly

Charlie Hope-D'Anieri

Risa Puleo

Martha Jamal

Silver Iocovozzi


Maha elashkar

Maren Rosenberg

Aparna Gopalan (Jewish Currents)

Paloma Martinez-Cruz

Jesse Darling

Madeline Wise

Joselia Rebekah Hughes

Dalia Dawood

Cristian González Farfán (Chilean journalist)

Sarah Chihaya

Christina Raia

Michael C. Cifone (City University of New York)

Olivia Aylmer

Joan Summers

Emily Yoshida

Sarah Agha

Edward morcos

Regina Bender

Maha Ahmed

Emily Lipstein

Harron Walker

Saurav Sarkar

Elliott Colla (writer & scholar)

Paco Alvarez

Chris Randle

E. Alex Jung

Miriam Pensack

Nina Zweig

Alexandra Tempus

Claire Shaffer

Riley Roliff (freelance journalist, NWU)

Matthew Houlihan

Zein El-Amine

k.e. harloe

Mira Lazine

Leanna First-Arai

Dana Hajaj

Hannah Gold

Jaya Saxena

Madeline Leung Coleman

Tyler Ford

Bobby Finger

Blaine O’Neill

Rula Jurdi

Frankie de la Cretaz

Grace Byron

Amanda Arnold

Jo Livingstone

Alex Zaragoza

Tiana Reid

Clio Chang

Kay Gabriel

Mattie Lubchansky

Mohammedally Shushtari

Aaron Miguel Cantú

Niko Stratis

Cherry Iocovozzi

Sean T. Collins

jj skolnik

Mohammad Al Attar

Jenny Xu

Bri Castellini

Charlotte Shane

Zinzi Clemmons

Abbey Mei Otis

Teline Trần

Gaby Del Valle

Sasha Geffen

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

Bayan AlAbsy

Tony Tulathimutte

Scott Jung

Jordy Rosenberg

Brandon Shimoda (poet/writer)

David Larsen

Kathleen Alcott

Angela Flournoy

Ian F. Blair

Jack Mirkinson

Kadaria Ahmed (Journalist)

Megan Massino

Richard Salame

Nida Ghouse

Farihah Zaman

Branko Marcetic (Jacobin staff writer)

Paul Abowd

Mariam Elba

Kerensa Cadenas

Mitra Kaboli

Anna Kleiva


Alleen Brown

Kira Josefsson

Isle McElroy

Alex DiFrancesco

Terence Nance

Nadine Monem

Gazelle Emami

Jamie Hood

Martha Kelly

Rose Dommu

Florence Li

Gemma Sack

Nashwa Bawab (In These Times / Washington-Baltimore News Guild)

Ren Nguyễn

Adriana Gallo

Neal Gupta

Wyatt Williams 

Nicolás Ore-Giron

Emmett Lewis

Carrie Hsieh

Joseph Bullington (Rural Editor, In These Times)


Raquel Willis (activist + journalist)

Sally Wen Mao

Julia Bannon

Abby Govindan

Gloria CS Kim

Chika Ekemezie

Arielle Isack

Tasneem Mandviwala

rax king

Rinaldo Walcott

Ifrah F. Ahmed

Mariam Quraishi

Julie Robine

Mo Shipley

Davey Davis

Angie Kang

April Clark

K-Ming Chang

Hannah Moushabeck (author, book worker)

Haneen Oriqat

Eloise Sherrid (filmmaker)

Marcia Belsky

Cyrus Dunham

Sara M Saleh

Zaynah Qutubuddin

Sarah Rifky

Elise Nardi (writer/artist)

Gracey Zhang

Lisa Hofmann-Kuroda, Translator

Jimin Seo

Stine An 

Anthony J O'Brien

Mayada Ibrahim (translator)

Brandon Wilner

James Duesterberg

Mohammad Gorjestani

Melissa Schlesinger

Kevin Soto

Soap Collins

Leila Boukarim - Writer


Pogo New

Cannach MacBride

Deborah Ghim

Jess Rohan

effie bowen

Jia Tolentino

Hermione Hoby

Mara Cavallaro

Rebecca Comay (University of Toronto)

Micaela Carr

Asher Caswell

Isaac Loewen

kortney nash

Steve Wagner

Nora Caplan-Bricker, Jewish Currents

Lauren Hougen

Robyn Diner

Mathew Rodriguez

Jonathan Woollen

Emma Chuck

Lindsey Whitt

Benjamin Kunkel

Fiona Alison Duncan

Kerry Cardoza (Freelance Solidarity Project/National Writers Union)

Joanne McNeil

Emily Wilder

Jake Romm

Aaron David Kerner

Adam C. Jones (Acid Horizon, Zer0 Books)

Hannah Kinney-Kobre

Sarah Jones

Liza Sokol

Rebecca Sharp

Erik hane

Ryan Hunter

Jordan Thornton (poet, writer, teacher)

Dara Orenstein

Paige Gresty

Will Sloan

Avery Lake

Roddy Shippin

Fran Hoepfner

Steven Schmidt (Freelance Writer and Activist)

Landon VanBuskirk

Andrew Neville

Evan Allen Wood

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Chris Izor

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Michael Schiavo

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Christina Tucker

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Kelli María Korducki

Dennis Tracy

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Nick Ciarelli

Lena Solow

Tiffany Champion

Benjamin Crais

Rene Franco

Jon Lemay

Anne-Marie Angelo

Andrew Crowley

Jo Barchi (Joyland Magazine)

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E. Alexander Zimmerman

Óscar Moisés Díaz (Tierra Narrative)

Marianela D'Aprile

August Smith

Caroline Debnam

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Cecily Chen

Leah Isobel

Alex Lanz

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Emma Specter

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Amrita Chakraborty

Summer Kim Lee

John-Baptiste Oduor (Associate Editor, Jacobin)

Adam Wilkins Mitts

Tavi Gevinson

Jeff Nagy

Eden Ewing

A Andrews

Sylvia Gorelick

Anne T. Donahue

Justin Mason (IWW Freelance Journalists Union)

Kaawyun Kilat

Matt McClure

Phil Levine

Hussein Omar

Nick Pinto

Stephanie Monohan

Peter Goldberg

Piper French

Emily Price

Kirk Robinson

Alex Sammon

David Buuck

Greg Stelmach (Oregon State University)

Samara Breger

E. Z. Sporcizia (writer)

Donald Borenstein

Sarah María Medina

Al Bacon

Holden Seidlitz

Bela Shayevich

Wassila Abboud

Andrew Cothren

Cynthia Cruz (poet, philosopher)

Rachel Connolly

Cathryn Rose

Sarah Yanni (poet)

Adam Gill

Stephanie Adams-Santos

Ian Miller (author, translator)

Joshua Abramson Cohen

Madeleine Jennings

Lauren Ardis

Sarah Lesnikoski

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Aditi Rao

Sarah Saltiel

Charlotte Heltai (Haymarket Books; Salvage)

Ruxandra Guidi

Jim Plank

Eric Torres

Emily Janakiram

Josh Stadtner (University of Chicago)

Elisa Gonzalez

Steve Macfarlane (℠)

Alexander Gorman

Eva L. Sotomayor (Seven Stories Press)

Myriam Gurba

Sacha Arnold

Ed Luker

Sarah Ghazal Ali

Jonah Walters

Naomi Markman

molly mcghee

Andrew McGibbon

Jourdain Searles

Taylor Crumpton

T Fleischmann

Ben Thelen

Stephanie V. Reist

Michael S. Judge

Ruth Geye

Matthew Quinn Martin

Lance Cleland (Tin House, Executive Workshop Director)

elle roberts

Scott Long

Mitch Therieau

Josh Cohen

Tina Zafreen Alam

Nancy Kricorian

Nicholas Russell

Lee Suksi

Emily Lever

Jae Yeun Choi

Michael DeForge

Jeremy Butman

Alexis Gunderson (FSP-NWU)

John Semley

Katrina Forrester

Gretchen Felker-Martin

Victoria Edel

Will Tavlin

Ozzie Darden (musician/songwriter)

Chen Chen

Matt Matros

Giulia Essyad

Julia Callahan (Librarian)

Olivia Crough

sophie gadomski

Amy Key

Ted Dodson

Dan Morrissey

Susie Cagle

Benjamin Krusling

Chris Geovanis (retired communications director, Chicago Teachers Union)

Conor Williams

Aeon Hand

Cathy Otten

Lylla Younes

Jane Hu

Benjamin Flores

Chariot Wish

Alison Rumfitt

Kaitlin Hanrahan

Blythe Marks

Justin Marks

Rachel Jane Andelman

Leslie Dick

John Killoran

Steve Weishampel

Adlan Jackson

Willem Helf

Robert Higgs (editor)

Abigail Higgins

Zora O'Neill

Alexander Gascot

André Caniato (Plutão Livros)

Nicole Lipman

Catherine Fatima

Nathan Goldman (Jewish Currents)

Elena Novak (freelancer, National Writers Union)

Marc Normandin

Michal Schatz (Verso Books)

Jess Zeidman

Cathy Wagner

Jay Pabarue

Asa Seresin

Justin Charles

Jess Bergman

Grace Sparapani

Mariya Strauss

Erin Pronovost

Haley Mlotek

John Belknap

Drew Nelles

Sunik Kim

Mo Drammeh (author)

Matthew Kosinski

Shahzeen Nasim

Emily LaBarge

Eric Eidelstein

Nina Sudhakar

Danielle Honoré

Ruth Saxelby

Ann-Derrick Gaillot

Brad Bolman

Tess Edmonson (n+1)

Dan Sinykin

Graham Barnhart

Simon Carroll

Eli Schoop

K. Austin Collins

Katie Way

Michael Burns (Wisecrack)

Sebas Alarcon

Natan Last

Joe Curcurio

Julia Hannafin

Maranda Elizabeth

Jared Knight-Fudge

Patrick Redford

Sara Hinkley

Jesse Black

Marlowe Granados

Sarah Hagi

Daniel Pinney

Venus Stevens

H.D. Angel

Jen Vafidis

Jason McBride

Jeremy Gordon

Graham Irvin (writer)

Danielle Chelosky

Ry Dunn

Daniel Denvir (The Dig)

Kanyin Ajayi

Vin Tanner

Harry Burke

Gregory Howard

Julian Garcia

Kelly Conaboy

Rob Guthrie

Farah Bakaari

Jennifer Baykan

Drew Burnett Gregory

Vanessa Angélica Villarreal

Cassidy McFadzean

Venus Knowles

Matthew Murrey (poet)

Max Falkowitz

Bradley Babendir

Najwa Ali, writer

Joshua Minsoo Kim

Lois Mei-en Kwa

Duncan Ferguson

Auroni Gupta

Jami Nakamura Lin

Mira Jacob

David Sexton

Jane Yeh

Nawal Arjini

Eli B. Lichtenstein

Katy O’Donnell (editor, Haymarket)

Emma Berquist

Helene Achanzar

Felicity Callard

Zach Samalin

Nolan Perla-Ward

Sean Magnoni

Rosemarie Ho

Tomas Hemstad

Natalie Weiner

Carli Cutchin

Dominique Sisley

Max Haiven

e. yaewon

Tosten Burks

Sasha Fletcher

Parker Eisen (filmmaker)

Elizabeth Wilder (editor, University of Arizona Press)

Aida Chavez

Pilot Viruet

Charlie Green

Lindsey Weedston

Mallika Rao

Colin Kalmbacher

Geo Maher

Joseph Earl Thomas

Tyler Coates

Sarah Perchikoff

Lili Hamlyn

Beatrice Kilat

Anna Fitzpatrick (novelist)

Sarah Ahmad

Mark Anthony Cronin

Erik Baker (The Drift)

Kanisha Williams

Daniel Walden

Michael Grasso

MLA Chernoff

Anastasia ĐoanTrinh Lê


Maura Finkelstein

Andy Battle

Toniann Fernandez

Brian Goldstone

Marta Evans

Emily Brandt

robin herold

Emmett Pinsky

Rose Biggin

Sophia Larigakis

Hannah Cohen (therapist)

Tasbeeh Herwees

Anita Zsurzsán

Katherine Agard

Fatemeh Shams

Yě Yě, Poetry Lab Shanghai

Paige Taggart

Sam Sax

Emmet von Stackelberg

Sahar Romani

Lyle Jeremy Rubin

Michael Chau

Jo Horrigan

Violet Lucca

Emily Corley

Gabrielle Acierno

Caroline Rayner

Elodie Azoulay

John Liberty

Adrian Dallas Frandle

Richard Beck (Senior Writer, n+1)

Siena Canales

Rebekah Markillie (zines + things)

Jesus is Victory (Accountant)

Ryan Ruby

Rebecca Cotton

Alex Valente

Adrian Totten

Jane Meikle

Tyler Barney

Monica Byrne

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Rachel Mennies (poet)

Chris Stephens

Joseph Leone

K Chiucarello

Miriam Gordis

Maris Kreizman

Alex Schulze

Jon Ware

Broti Gupta

Felix Dina

Ben Natan (SB Nation)

Sabrina Imbler

Andrea Popelka

Natalie Adler (Lux Magazine)

Willa Smart

Theodora Ward

Cameron Awkward-Rich

Alexis Almeida

Christopher Sloce

Jameson Fitzpatrick

Logan W. Cole

Lee Sessions

Aaron Timms

Nik Oldershaw

Sarah Jean Grimm

Kristian E. Vasquez (poet & writer)

Katy Burnett

charles theonia

Sam Kelly
Gary Potter
Aaron Teel
Lubna Safi
Hesse Deni
Beatrice Loayza
Tiara Dinevska-McGuire
Matt Polzin
zachary lynn
Rebecca Wilks (journalist)
Nick Thorburn (Islands)
sunny iyer (wendy's subway, printed matter)
Yah Yah Scholfield
RH Lossin
Leonard Pierce
Carrie Ross
Sean Cashbaugh
Amy Rowe
Patricia Sarrafian Ward
louis packard
Chris Thompson (Defector)
Zabe Doyle
Jiaqi Kang (editor-in-chief, Sine Theta Magazine)
Will Niedmann
Jesi Cook
Paul McAdory
Brittany Price
Stephen Kearse
Alana Mohamed
Nadine Nour el Din
Soham Gadre
James McManus
Kristen Kim
Feryn Wade-Lang (University of Guelph)
S. Isabelle
Thomas Horton
Lindsey Webb
Neaka Mohtashemi
Safia Elhillo
Sam Worley
Andy Ratto
Saraana Jamraj
Michael Baumann
Rachel Davies
Aerik Francis
Christine Kanownik
Gaby Cepeda
Rebecca Teich
Karlo Yeager Rodríguez
Aley Waterman
Mark Misoshnik
Andrea Paz (poet/essayist/writer)
Hari Ziyad
Eva Birch
Nathaniel October
Alice Fulmer
Johanna Sommer
Chris Karnadi
alma valdez-garcia
Matt Wieteska
Lazz Kinnamon
Deborah Danowski, PUC-Rio
Aquino Loayza
Michael Billeaux Martinez
Sasha Plotnikova (editor, Failed Architecture)
Chandler Dandridge
Reuven Glezer
Zoë Haylock
Jamel Brinkley
Jake Skeets
Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah
Eric Booker
Phil Coldiron
Anam Raheem
Trinity Noone
Jane Waters
Tracey Lindeman
Er Linsker
Morgan Võ
Jason Flynn
Alexis Renata
imogen xtian smith (poet)
Anshuman Iddamsetty
Jake Nevins
Thuan Tran
Lune Loh (Royal Holloway, University of London)
Patrick Blanchfield
William Clare Roberts, McGill University
Samantha Eyler-Driscoll (Academic Editor, Freelance Writer)
Abby Kluchin
Talia Jane, Freelance Journalists Union
Liam Freeman
Jack Timmer
Molly Jo Gorevan
Molly Slavin
Quinn Moreland
Claire Comstock-Gay
Johnny Damm
Rio Cortez
Molly Dektar
Nick Barone (PhD candidate, Princeton University)
Alicia Mountain
Jeb Lund
Ben Curttright
Freydís Moon
Sophie He
John-Baptiste Oduor, Associate Editor at Jacobin
Dennis Cooper
Nero Villagallos O'Reilly
Sarah Woolley
Destiny Hemphill
Alex Aviña
Noor Asif
Corinne Butta
Adam Moody (Chronicle Books)
Yumi Lee
Rose Eveleth
Stevie Subrizi
Tim Barker
Andy Liu
Vincent Latigue
Kurt Newman
Cody Foley
Eleanor Janega
Naomi Brauner
Ryan Cooper
RM Haines
Alex Gallo-Brown
Rachel Franklin Wood
Matthew Callan
chris habib
Andrea Grimes
Lester Langford
Sarah Fuchs
Kevin Lozano
John Perich
Silas Jones
David Roth
Chloe Truong-Jones
Sarah Miller
Cindy Hwang
Sham-e-Ali Nayeem
Mara Mckevitt
Mags Colvett
Westin (writer, Noob Heavy)
Joseph Mosconi
Fin Leary, Emerson College
Erin Noehre
Olivia Paschal
Ashwin Rodrigues
K. Park
Steven A. Rhodes
Spencer Tierney
Marisa Clogher
Zuleyha Ozturk Lasky
Deema K. Shehabi (poet)
s.e. smith (freelance journalist)
Marina Kittaka
Micco Caporale (Chicago Reader)
J. Moufawad-Paul
Tiara Amar
Amir Khafagy
Alex Passikoff
Yi Wei, Asian American Writers' Workshop
Miles Kampf-Lassin (In These Times)
E Conner (The Weakly)
Jason Sackett
Mimi Howard
A.J. Brown
Gwen Hilton
Nan Goldin
Lindsey Pannor
Charlotte Bayes
Sophie Pinkham
Ian Walker
Arzhang Zafar
Samuel Rutter
James Webster
Abigail Boyle Smith
Alex V Green
Scott McDowell
Sheehan Moore (CUNY Graduate Center)
Luis Feliz Leon (associate editor, Labor Notes)
Max Lasky
AJ McKenna
Jamie Burke
Rob Carson
Marie Julio
Clara Trippe
Roger van Zwanenberg
Mathew Yates (poet & painter)
Alex Walton
Safiyya Haider (writing director, Saffron)
Tai Lee
Lucia Santos
Dawn H.
Claudie Arseneault
Matthew Olivas
Katie Alice Greer
Anupa Mistry
Gabriella Burnham
Camonghne Felix
Derek Mejia
Ida Yazdi
Xu Li
Jolie Maya-Altshuler
Nisha Atalie
Gabriel Flynn
Henry Luzzatto
Ashley Bishop
Shireen Hakim
Shayna Maci Warner
Ben Jay
Ayelet Amittay
SG Huerta
CA Davids
Hafizah Augustus Geter
Mikki Halpin
Jesse Locke
Steven Duong
David Stein
G. Brett Williams
Carl von Clausewitz
Jane Glaubman, Cornell University
Evie Atom Atkinson
Andrew McNally
Gareth Jelley (editor)
Erin Marie Lynch
Alix O’Neill
Aeneas Sagar Hemphill
Lauren Ryan
Dana Lupo
Will Rutledge
Daniel Gordon
Arvind Dilawar (Industrial Workers of the World Freelance Journalists Union)
Andrew J. Smyth
Zareen Jaffery, Executive Editor
Katherine Packert Burke
Hannah Dellabella
Nate Bethea
Evan D. Mullicane
Zac Larkham
Ha Duong, BOMB Magazine (would prefer for the affiliation to not be publicly listed!)
Amanda Meadows
Daniel Poppick
Jon Doyle
Hunter Felt
Avi Steinberg
Nicolas Eric Sanchez
Mike Pearl (author)
Ron Jacobs
Adrian Sobol
Peter Myers
Christine Larusso
Steven Nguyen Scaife
Alicia Kennedy
Julia Damphouse (Translator)
J. Gordon Faylor
Sarita Patnaik
Becca DeGregorio
Joe Allen
Sonora Taylor
Jenna Hallenbeck (anthropologist)
Zefyr Lisowski
Katie Jane Fernelius
Oana Sânziana Marian
Jeff Beneke
Cole Lu
jess pinkham
Nicholas Gamso
Laura Tanenbaum
Mathew Clouser
Anela Dumonjić, student and activist
Marnie Galloway
Maggie Tokuda-Hall
Kristofer Nivens
Nicole Veneto
Erin Vachon
Alex O’Keefe
Adeline Hocine
Orchid Cugini
Ari Laurel
Val Wise
Bitter Karella
Christopher Spaide
Nia Porter
Carmen Maria Machado
Amy McCarthy
Katie Bradshaw
Frank Martin
Samira Iravani
Charif Shanahan
Maja Kantar
Pigeon Radio
Tiffany Berruti
Guia Marie Del Prado
S.E. Kiser
Andrew Janjigian
Eric Williams
Nica Horvitz
Jaime Fountaine
Jessica Hoppe
Mary Jane Regalado
Su Hwang
Levi L. Winters (poet & author, posthumanist)
Zeina Hashem Beck
Lucy Furlong
rowan fridley
Tausif Noor
Jaime McLaughlin, independent writer
Rios de la Luz
Mark Francis Johnson
Tanisha Pina
Sam Penn
Rylan Becker
Kevin Carey
Harley Wong
Chantal James (novelist)
Leana Hafer, IWW-FJU
Ivanna Baranova
Jarrod Shanahan
Taylor Brophy
Ryan Boyd
Ruben Reyes Jr.
Thea Riofrancos
Arif Anwar (Author)
Benjamin Nolan
Lyndsey Bourne
Mordecai Martin, writer and translator
Adam Stutz
Get Better Records
Catherine Sadler
Meesh Fradkin
Siddhartha Deb, writer
Bob Proehl
Jemma Desai
Amelia Ayrelan Iuvino (deputy editor, Jacobin magazine)
Joshua Caleb Weibley
Sophie Bridges
Natalie Walker
Rachel Stone
BJ Ferguson
Jacqui Zeng (poet)
Andrew Palmer
Allison Davis
Grace Benfell (NWU)
Ed Yong
Mylo Lam
Elly Belle
Simon Keough
hannah gais
Michael Edison Hayden
William Harris
Katz Tepper
Jonas Weir
erin st breen
Chelsea Dingman
Alvin Holbrook
Brittnay L. Proctor
James Frankie Thomas
Thomas Beard
Perry Meester
Sarah Kwan
Brittany Peterson
Gratiela Brancusi
Barry Williams
Durga Chew-Bose
William Antonelli
James Factora
Rob Arcand
Bobuq Sayed
Bix Gabriel, writer, editor, The Offing
Leah Abrams
Eta Demby
Isabel Pabán Freed
Sarah Dowling
Tajja Isen
Freddy Jesse Izaguirre
Asia Murphy (University of Arizona)
Shea Hennum
F. M. V. F. Bello
Lindsey Weber
Melissa Faulner
Sam Alden
Jonathan Dubow
Andrew Gilley
Alex Kronman
Abigail Denton
Monique Laban
Kate Pyontek
Nicholas Glastonbury
Sara Selevitch
Asha Thanki
Reina Sultan
Dave Burnham (University of Nevada, Reno)
Sarah Richter
Kelly Hoffer
Katrina Lott
Charlie Squire
Jennie Seidewand
Liva Pierce
Greta Rainbow
Sara Black McCulloch
Al Ross
Elizabeth Weil
Lindsey Boldt, Editorial Director of Nightboat Books
Aliya Chaudhry
Kola Heyward-Rotimi
Dorian Dawes
Agnes Borinsky
Brendan James, “Blowback”
Rahawa Haile
Thomas Delahaye
Christine Pardue
Hira Ahmed (Acacia)
Ari Yarwood
Nathan Hall
Guy Mannes-Abbott
Sophie Frances Kemp
Christine Salek
Emerson Whitney
Zaynab Iliyasu Bobi
H Felix Chau Bradley
Brittany Adames
Anjali Kamat
Emma Carmichael
Elli Hu
Philip Montoro (Chicago Reader)
Nicole Froio, Refinery29
Rai W. Cole
Erin Gordon (designer)
Troels Steenholdt Heiredal
Kelli McAdams (designer)
Brandon Callender
Anna Goodhand (psychotherapist)
Gloria Fisk
Tal Mancini
Staša Pavlović
Melissa Pinsly
Sam Russek
Sarah Friedland (filmmaker & choreographer)
Angelica Jade Bastién, Critic and Essayist at New York Magazine
Hannah Grieco
Jason Steele (Artist)
Safi Alsebai
Walker Caplan
O f cieri
Allison Saft
Sonali Thakkar
Joey Yearous-Algozin
Kylah Balthazar
Marc Delucchi
Canada Choate
Annie Armstrong
Alisha Mughal
Gia Gonzales
susie day, National Writers Union
Brooke Kolcow (Deputy Editor of Taco Bell Quarterly)
Gillian C. White
Tyler Morse
Nora Loreto
W. Martin (translator)
Phoenix Herring
Bianca Rae Messinger
Rachel Edelman
Caroline Tracey
C. Allen Jenkins
Paul Boyne
Calliope Vasiliki (Writer)
Natalie Beach
Lauren Levin, poet
mallika singh
Jasmine Vojdani
Nidhi Zakaria Eipe
Max Read
D. Allen
Gabrielle Domb
Grace Carini
Leila Zalokar
Annie Wilkins
Mel Buer
Julie Kliegman
Andrew Holter
Roque Raquel Salas Rivera
Helen Chandler
Daniel Felsenthal
Lakshmi Padmanabhan
Meghan Krausch (freelance writer)
Hajar chegri
Olivia Schwob (National Writers Union)
Chris Massie
Dante Nieto
Sarah Edwards
Brendan Joyce (Grieveland)
Amanda Goldblatt
Loretta H. Campbell
Kimberly Enjoli
Sadia Anjum
Ayla Zuraw-Friedland
Misha Crafts
Edward Doegar
Rachael Vigil-Hernandez
Haytham el-Wardany
Julianne Neely
Laura Whitehorn
Marie Myung-Ok Lee
Cynthia Cervantes
Kit Duckworth
Seth Simons
Alex Tretbar
Loren Maria Guay
Megan Marz
Grayson Scott
Valentino Mori
Arina Kharlamova
Abdullah Shihipar
Hunter Simpson
Reanna Cruz
Rebecca Romani
Teddy Ostrow
Jade Brieanne
Stephen Ira
Grace Mantle
Christopher Schoen
Caitlin Donohue
Sarah Clark
Devan Diaz
Ben Burgis (Columnist, Jacobin)
John Lingan
Diego del Valle Ríos
Jaz Brisack
Michael Hessel-Mial
Shannon Galpin
Brent Armendinger
Cassandra May
Abby Johnson
Alican Koc
Tiziana La Melia
Maria Bustillos

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