Authentic Self SAFARI --- application
Whether we've known each other a while or only just a minute, I'd love to get to know where you're at to ensure that you're a purrfect fit for this intimate group program. There are no right or wrong answers. Radical self acceptance & honesty is key! YAY!
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If you were in conversation with a like-minded person, how would you describe what you do professionally? *
WOAH! We're almost halfway through 2021! How are things going? Do you feel like you're reaching the goals you've set at the beginning of this year? *
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How you rate your ability to express yourself authentically online? *
I struggle with confidence / doubt/ & or fear of what others think & cringe at the thought of showing up online.
I have no problem showing up online. I feel confident to speak my truth no matter the subject or how I look that day
How much do you value your personal growth? *
What I do for others is more important. Personal growth is bullshit & I don't have time for it.
I am really committed to moving past my blocks, stepping into my power & improving my life. I make time for self care & my personal growth daily.
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