Harry S. Fisher Elementary School Parent Survey 2018
Dear Parents: Thank you for taking this annual survey for your child's school. Please answer honestly. Responses to this survey will be collected through May 31st. Responses are anonymous and will be used to gather your input on our school's strengths and weaknesses. Results will be used to set annual goals and inform plans for school improvement. If you have children in more than one school in the district, we ask you to complete separate surveys for each school. Links to each school's survey can be found on each school's website.
I feel welcome at this school.
My child is challenged to meet high expectations at this school.
I know how my child is doing in school before I get my child(ren)'s report card.
I am satisfied with the response I get when I contact my child(ren)'s school with questions or concerns.
Bullying is a problem at this school.
Parents feel comfortable talking to teachers at this school.
The school environment supports learning.
If my child has a problem, there is someone at school who can help.
My child's school is sensitive to issues regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, and disabilities.
My child is safe at this school.
The school facilities are clean and well maintained.
My child(ren)'s school communicates well with me.
My child(ren)'s school meets my child(ren)'s personalized needs.
This school provides access to academic help outside the classroom when my child(ren) need(s) it.
The school's website is informative and provides easy access to information.
What do you feel are your child's school's greatest strengths?
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In which areas, do you feel your child's school needs the greatest development?
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Please feel free to elaborate on any responses in the space below.
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