NBiT Travel Scholarship Application
This form is for people who would like to attend Non Binary in Tech on the 28th of July 2018, but cannot *comfortably* afford travel costs.

We can offer reimbursements of up to £50, but in special cases will offer more.

If you have any questions please message us on twitter @nonbinarytech or email us nonbinaryintech@gmail.com

Filling in this form does not mean you will get a reimbursement.
We will email you if your application is successful.

What is your name? (it doesn't need to match any ID) *
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What email can we contact you on? *
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Where are you traveling from?
We don't need your home address, just a vague idea of where you are coming from.
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How much will it cost you to attend NBiT? *
Please include the full amount it will cost you in GBP, even if it is greater than £50
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Why would you like to attend NBiT?
Explain why you would like to come to the event, don't feel pressured to write a lot here, even a sentence or two is fine.
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