Quarterly Technology S.A.M.R. Lessons (EEE Framework Version)
Documentation of lessons that integrate technology use with students.
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Engagement: The technology allowed the students to focus on the assignment/activity/goals with less distraction. *
Engagement: The technology motivated students to start the learning process. *
Engagement: The technology causes a shift in behavior of the students, where they move from passive to active social learners (through collaboration or co-engagement) *
Enhancement: The technology tool allows students to develop or demonstrate a more sophisticated understanding of the learning goals or content (i.e. use higher-order thinking skills) *
Enhancement: The technology creates supports (scaffolds) to make it easier to understand concepts or ideas (i.e. differentiate, personalize or scaffold learning) *
Enhancement: The technology creates paths for students to demonstrate their understanding of the learning goals in a way they could not do with traditional tools. *
Extending the Learning: The technology creates opportunities for students to learn outside of the typical school day. *
Extending the Learning: The technology creates a bridge between students school learning their everyday life experiences (connects learning goals with real life experiences). *
Extending the Learning: The technology allows the students to build authentic life soft skills which they can use in their everyday lives. *
Reflection on how the lesson went: (Think about student reaction, student learning, and what worked well or didn't work well) *
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